I Have Two Super Furry, Cuddly Dogs, and These $35 Fur-Resistant Leggings Successfully Wick Away Every Single Hair

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Ask any pet parent—there are a ton of benefits that come with having a furry friend around. They're faithful companions, built-in gym buddies, living weighted blankets that can soothe anxiety, and the best pal you can ever have... what's not to love?! Why, the pet hair, of course. Unless you have a magical hypoallergenic doodle or a hairless cat, pets have fur, which inevitably gets on you (and everything around you.) There's only so much dander our sinuses and lint rollers can handle!

Thankfully, there's a simple solution that's *not* a bank-breaking Dyson vacuum.  Halara now makes fur-resistant leggings, which shed hair faster than Fido or Fluffy does. The Patitoff Crossover 7/8 Leggings ($35) are a must-have for pet parents who want to snuggle up with their furry friend, without getting furry themselves.

Halara, Patitoff Pet Hair Resistant High Waisted Crossover Plain 7/8 Leggings — $37.00

Available in black, navy, maroon, green, lilac, and blue. Also available in plus sizes.

Now, I know what you're thinking: "No way could these leggings handle my dog's hair—he's a fur ball!" I live with two feathery-haired English setters who shed just by looking at whatever it is that can possibly get hairy. I hang with a handful of German Shepherds, Bernese mountain dogs, and labs that do the same, so I was skeptical, too. But I'm happy to share that the Halara Patitoff leggings successfully wick even the coarsest, clingiest hair, leaving you fur-free no matter how much they jump or climb on you.

You know how black, cotton leggings and other fabrics seem to be a magnet for fluff? These aren't. The entire Patitoff collection is made from a soft nylon-elastane blend that hairballs slip off of, leaving you fur-free. According to Halara, that's because this fabric is finished with a polymer that stops electrostatic absorption (aka pet hair accumulation) in its tracks and is durable enough to last wash after wash. You'd never know there was a polymer or anything different about these leggings—they're just as sculpting and soft as your fave workout tights or lounge pants, only they don't turn you into a dust bunny after playing with your pup.

I've been wearing mine since early March and can confirm: They are fur-resistant. Now, they're not fur-proof. Do they pick up some of my Setter's feathery fluff? Yes. But unlike other leggings that require an entire lint roller to de-fur, the Patitoffs only need a light pat, hence the name. A few flicks of the wrist and your leggings are as good as gold. Best part is, it's not just leggings—you can also get fur-friendly tanks, bike shorts, dresses, and more. And it's all under $50, making it it way more affordable that that hi-tech vacuum you've been eyeing up.

I know you love snuggling with Fido and Fluffy, and now you can do it without ruining your outfit and finding hairballs on your leggings during pilates. If only they could make slobber-resistant leggings, too...

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Patitoff Pet Hair Resistant Workout Cropped Cami — $20.00

Go from cuddling with your kitty to kicking it up a notch in spin class or the Barre studio in this workout cami. The cropped, sculpting design is supportive enough to get you through the sweatiest workouts, but soft enough to wear during recovery. Also available in plus sizes.

Patitoff Pet Hair Resistant Activity Bodycon Dress — $40.00

Dogs + LBD = Disaster… right? Now anymore. This LBD is pet proof, so if your pup jumps up on you before your big night out, you won’t have to completely change your ‘fit. Also available in red.

Patitoff Pet Hair Resistant High Waisted Side Pocket Biker Shorts — $28.00

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again (and again)—you can never have enough bike shorts. These stretchy, breathable shorts move with your body, whether that’s when you’re walking your dog or snuggling on the couch. Available in plus and regular sizes, and in either the high or crossover waist.

Patitoff Pet Hair Resistant High Waisted Deep Side Pocket Leggings — $34.00

Same fabric, different waist. These lush leggings trade the crossover top for a high waist that runs straight across, giving you support without rolling up or sliding down. There’s also deep side pockets, so you conveniently store phones, headphones, and dog treats. Also available in plus sizes.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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