What the (Ominous-Sounding) Half Blood Thunder Moon Eclipse Means for Your Sign

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The half blood thunder moon is not, as I initially thought, the title of a YA novel. Rather, it's the name of the full moon taking place on July 16—and, astrologically, a lot is going on during it. In addition to this full moon, also sometimes referred to as the full buck moon (because it falls during the time when bucks begin to grow their horns), there's also an eclipse happening. Oh, and Mercury's in retrograde.

So what does this mean for you? As a reminder, a full moons occurs when the moon opposes the sun. "The moon in astrology symbolizes our emotional selves, the innermost part of ourselves. It’s our creative impulses," says Rachel Lang, intuitive astrologer and healer. "The sun symbolizes the way we express that creative impulse. It’s our life force energy and how we see ourselves in the world." So during full-moon phases, "hidden aspects" of ourselves bubble up—this includes memories, emotions, and dreams. "It’s a time for awareness and to realize things about yourself that come to light in new ways," she says.

For this particular half blood thunder moon, the sun is in Cancer—the sign of deep emotional connections, family, and home—and the moon is in Capricorn—the sign of ambition, reputation, and our public lives. This means you're likely to feel some tension between these two areas, specifically, how you manage time and attention devoted to loved ones versus to your professional pursuits and ambition.

For this full moon, you're likely to feel some tension between how you manage time and attention devoted to loved ones versus to your professional pursuits and ambition.

And the full moon happening in conjunction with an eclipse only intensifies things further by helping to bring truth to the surface. "It’s a highly creative eclipse, too, and that can mean a time for manifesting something you’ve desired for some time," Lang says, noting Cancer and Capricorn are both cardinal signs, which emphasize action. "This eclipse helps us find balance between taking action on behalf of something we desire and allowing it to flow into our lives. Receptivity and motion." And because Mercury is in retrograde, Lang suggests using the time to "revisit a relationship or circumstance from your past to gain clarity or close a chapter. Be gentle with yourself and others; it’s an intense time for all of us."

Curious how the astrological event specifically caters to you? Below, Lang outlines what each zodiac sign can expect.

Check out how an astrologer says the half blood thunder moon may affect you, according to your sign.


You are the kind of person who likes to keep moving ahead to achieve your goals and actualize your plans. This half blood thunder moon could delay some of your momentum, especially with career-related matters. Consider this a time to slow down and reassess. Be truly present with your loved ones, and take time to visit relatives, even if that means you have to set your ambitions on the back burner for a while. The tension you’ll feel is all internal, not external, and you can manage that. Let any built-up frustrations motivate you to make changes in your life.


This is a time for adventure: You may find yourself out and about, exploring a new destination via literal travel or new mental landscapes and ideas. If you feel stretched in new directions and pushed outside your comfort zone, ground your energy by connecting with the Earth. You might even plan a ritual to root yourself and feel supported in all ways.


The half blood thunder moon invites you to think about your finances. You could gain more awareness about how to feel more supported in your life—about beliefs or limitations that hold you back from feeling abundance and love. Likewise, you may develop a deeper sense of deservedness, and in doing so, shift how you experience goodness in your life. If you have financial stressors with your partner, these may come to the surface. Allow more goodness into your life as your self-care practice for this time, and release money worries or fears as you do.


The full moon is in your opposite sign—Capricorn—so, this is a significant full moon for you, spotlighting your love life, and providing clarity about your relationship with your significant other. If you're single, you could have profound realizations that help you come out of your shell and open yourself to romantic possibilities. This full moon is about aha moments and uncovering the truth. It invites you to go deep within your subconscious mind to face any fears holding you back.


This is an introspective time, when you might revisit the past, and reflect on some of the moments that truly shaped you. If you have unrealized dreams, you could become inspired to take action to make them happen. Let go of distractions, including others’ drama, and indulge your creative side. This is a time to imagine possibilities and not feed doubts. It could be quite a busy time, with a lot of social, work, or familial activities. So, make sure you take care of your health in order to not feel run down.


The full moon shines a spotlight on you, and you could be called onto a stage of some kind or into a leadership role in some way—even if that’s leading your friends in a happy-hour celebration. More likely, however, you might feel inspired to do something to make a difference. Sign up to volunteer for your favorite cause, or speak up on behalf of an issue you hold dear. This is not a time to shy away from attention, but rather, to embrace it, knowing you have important things to say and an important contribution to make to the world. Be seen and heard and turn down the volume of your inner critic as your self-care practice for this time.


This full moon involves two signs that have a complicated relationship with yours—Cancer and Capricorn both square your sign. You could feel pulled in different directions, balancing your career, home life, and personal relationships. You could feel as if everyone needs something from you all at once, tipping your Libra scales out of balance. It could be helpful to assert yourself and set boundaries. Try to be aware of how much you’re giving to and doing for others. Is it coming from a place of obligation? Or true generosity?


This half blood thunder moon is going to highlight issues of faith, belief, and trust for you. You could learn of a secret or some news a loved one has been keeping—it could even be a surprise. Get in touch with your spirituality and unpack some of the beliefs and ideas from childhood to determine what may have changed for you. Your mind could be more inspired, and you may want to read a new book, take a workshop or class, or travel.


This eclipse shines a light on your sense of self-worth. How much do you value yourself? Do you feel deserving of love and abundance in your life? These are themes that could be up for you. In very practical terms, this might mean evaluating how much you’re compensated for your work. It could be time to think about investing, budgeting, raising your rate, monetizing a side hustle, or asking for a raise. Be bold in taking steps forward to realize your financial potential. You might also look at your shared resources. If things are out of balance with your partner, and you feel stressed about joint finances, raise concerns through honest conversations.


This full moon is in your sign, which means the attention is on you. Be discerning about how you spend your time and energy, and avoid doing things out of a sense of duty or obligation. With any full moon, the sun and moon are in opposite signs, so the sun is in your opposite sign, which is Cancer. This means you're likely to feel tension, pulled between your individual wants and what others might expect of you. Certain relationships could be challenging, but this time may help to raise awareness for you about unhealthy or unsupportive patterns in those situations.


You could feel pulled between the demands of everyday life and your big life dreams. If you have a long-term goal, make time to take steps forward. Realize that busywork might be your ego’s way of distracting you from what really matters. This is an introspective full moon for you, and you might need more time to yourself than usual. Tip: You could decide to detox or prioritize your health as part of your full-moon self-care routine.


This is a highly expressive, creative time for you. The full moon highlights your connections with others, making it a great time to speak to a crowd or expand your social network. You could be highly sensitive to others’ energy and emotions at this time, but try not to take things too personally. You also may need to set some boundaries with friends who want to involve you in their dramatic life situations. You don’t have to fix things for others, though. It’s more important to use your creative energy in productive ways. Manifest your dreams without distractions.

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