Here’s How to Give Your Avocado Toast a Halloween Makeover

Photo: Instagram/@fooddeco
If your mornings typically involve waking up to avocado toast, same. While there's nothing better than smashing the creamy green fruit on on a piece of bread and topping it with a squeeze of lemon and some of Trader Joe's everything but the bagel seasoning, now's the perfect time to learn how to give your go-to formula a Halloween twist.

Colette Dike of the Instagram account Food Deco—which is always full of healthy eats—recently posted a mummy version of the brunch staple that's almost too pretty to devour. After smearing on a base of pumpkin hummus and applying some perfectly-placed avocado ribbons as bandages, she added on some eyes made of mozzarella and balsamic, chili flakes, poppy seeds, sesame seeds, and rose petals. The result is the least scary-looking mummy, ever.

Sure, it might take you some extra time to mummify your avocado toast, but once you take a bite into all the different flavors—and get to post the impressive results to your 'gram!—all the effort will be well worth it. Pretty soon, you'll be decking out your breakfast to every holiday. Just imagine those bright-green avocado Christmas trees...

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