11 Hands-Free Sex Toys That’ll Let You Lie Back and Enjoy the Ride

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As fan-freaking-tastic as masturbation is, there's often an annoying amount of work that goes into solo sex play. Yes, a dynamite vibrator will make the experience easier, but all that maneuvering? Bleh! Seeing it out successfully requires skill, focus, and often at least least one helping hand. But what if you want to use that hand to touch other erogenous zones, or scroll through the news on the phone, or knit a blanket? For those pursuits and also for reasons of increased accessibility for a number of folks who can't use hand-operated sex toys, hands-free vibrators are important.

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"A hands-free sex toy is a great investment if you have a disability that doesn't allow you to use your hands, if you have them, in the way that you want," says Marla Renee Stewart, sex expert for adult-wellness brand and retailer Lovers. "If you do have hands [and the ability to use them during sex play], you may want to try a hands-free device for a few different reasons, including nuance and finding a different way to orgasm, using your hands to engage in other sexual activity, or even holding a book to read erotica while you use the other to feel yourself up. Having a toy that's hands-free may help you to work on your breathing and get to that lovely orgasm you're looking for."

"Having a toy that's hands-free may help you to work on your breathing and get to that lovely orgasm you're looking for." —Marla Renee Stewart, sex expert

Not all types of vibrators are hands-free, but for the ones that are, Searah Deysach, sex educator and owner of pleasure shop Early to Bed, points out that hands-free vibrators can upgrade your pleasure during partnered play, too. "With a partner, toys that you don't have to hold onto allow you touch and feel your partner and stimulate them simultaneously," she says. Plus, since many vulva-owners can't orgasm from penetration alone, consider hands-free vibrators a strategy for taking the elevator rather than the stairs to climax. Below, check out our favorite picks for hands-free vibrators.

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Best hands-free vibrators

Eva Couples Vibrator
Eva Couples Vibrator — $135.00

Nothing screams “hands-free” like Dame Products’ sophisticate Eva II. The toy’s flexi-wings will cling securely to your labia, giving you a bit (okay, much more than a bit) of buzz during your next penetrative romp. You can use it with partner play, too.

purple We-Vibe Chorus
We-Vibe Chorus — $199.00

This is a go-to couples’ toy, but you can still enjoy We-Vibe on a solo mission, invigorating your manual masturbation game. “The shape of the toy allows you to keep it in place, and with the We-Connect app, your lover can control it while you enjoy the ride,” says Stewart.

Tracy's Dog Pro 2 Clitoral Sucking Vibrator
Tracy's Dog Pro 2 Clitoral Sucking Vibrator — $60.00

Meet the vibrator that launched a gazillion giggle-rich rave reviews and orgasms aplenty. It stimulates by both penetration and suction, providing for a sensation that should blow your socks off. That is, if you wear socks while getting off (and if you don’t, it’s surprisingly good for your orgasm).

Le Wand Point
Le Wand Point — $130.00

Le Wand Point is a very intentionally structured slow-burn vibrator; it has a slight curve to lay flat on your vulva and engraved wavy ridges for a unique, textural feel. It stays put, nestling itself on you effortlessly the entire time you’re vibing.

Baci sex toy
Baci — $145.00

Baci is an oral-sex stimulating robot that gave an orgasm I feel was decidedly designer—that is, it felt upscale. It’s constructed to stay put on your vulva, and the groove is meant to mimic the feel of a chin (to approximate receiving oral) and also help secure the toy at your sweet spot.

Magic Wand Plus
Magic Wand Plus — $80.00

The Hitachi wand is timeless and might already be an honored part of your goody drawer. If not, trust that it can make some hands-free magic with the help of a little bit of propping. “The Magic Wand Plus allows you to get in a comfortable position, whether you’re on your back or stomach, and hold the toy with your thighs or with a pillow,” says Stewart. “This allows you to have it in a steady position and allows you to move your body and hands freely as they need to.”

Rocks-Off Ruby Glow
Rocks-Off Ruby Glow — $30.00

If you’re looking to approximate a threesome, keep this hands-free toy in mind. It’s a blessing for bored singles, too: Ruby Glow and its twin vibrators are a delicious way to rise and grind your way to climax.

black LELO TIANI 3
LELO Tiani 3 — $110.00

The LELO has two arms, one to vibrate inside you and one to vibrate outside either solo or with a partner. There are eight different vibration settings you can choose from, controlled all remotely so your hands are free to do other things.

Mantric Rechargeable Remote Control Panty Vibrator
Mantric Rechargeable Remote Control Panty Vibrator — $70.00

For some fun on-the-go, slip this small vibrator inside your panties. It has a contoured tip to stimulate the clitoris and can be controlled with an equally discreet remote control. There are three speeds and seven vibration patterns.

We-Vibe Jive
We-Vibe Jive — $120.00

Make your bedroom play more high-tech. This egg vibrator is designed to stay put right where you want it and has a one-button remote with10 different vibration patterns. But for longer distance fun, the vibrator can also be controlled via a free app.

Desire Luxury Rechargeable Remote Control Panty Vibrator
Desire Luxury Rechargeable Remote Control Panty Vibrator — $90.00

This pair of lacy panties has a little secret tucked inside in the form of a discreet, saddle shaped vibrator. Use the remote to rotate between 12 speeds and eight patterns.

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