Haoma Earth Skin Care Targets the Root Causes of Aging With Its Super Smart Formulas

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The world of anti-aging beauty centers upon the idea that mature skin is something that needs fixing. There are countless creams and serums out there that promise to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and plenty of foundations and concealers on the market to help cover up anything we want. But as we all know, getting older is a natural part of life (and, if you really think about it, is far better than the alternative), which is why the team behind Haoma Earth is working to change the way we address aging skin.

The brand, which launched last year, has developed a line of products filled with science-backed, natural ingredients meant to target the root causes behind aging skin. So instead of directly working to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles, products target the effects that things like stress and anxiety, dehydration, mineral depletion, and environmental stressors have on our complexions.

Over time, each of these factors is known to exacerbate "aging" in the skin: Stress releases high amounts of a hormone called cortisol in your body, which breaks down collagen and elastin, leading to wrinkles; a lack of moisture in your skin can cause temporary "crinkles" to occur in your complexion; and environmental stressors like UV damage and pollution lead to free radical damage and oxidative stress, which creates inflammation that's responsible for everything from collagen degradation to hyperpigmentation.

The way Haoma Earth's products work, then, is by addressing all of these factors to cut signs of aging off at the pass. "Haoma is all about being healing and curative as opposed to being corrective," says Robyn Greene, the brand's chief strategy officer. "It’s about nourishing the skin and taking that moment of self-care to feel good about yourself."

Powered by science-backed natural ingredients, Haoma Earth's formulas are designed to stimulate healthy cellular regeneration, which research has shown can help improve the organic structure of your skin. The products all contain CBD in order to help calm inflammation in the complexion, as well as a laundry list of other plant-derived actives to treat the underlying causes of skin aging. They come together in an easy-to-use, five-step system that's meant to turn your routine into a relaxing, spa-worthy luxury experience. Keep scrolling to shop them for yourself.

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Haoma Earth Cleansing Balm — $85.00

As the first step in your skin-nourishing routine, this oil-based cleansing balm is meant to be massaged into your face for one to three minutes (and nothing says “stress relief” like a DIY face massage), then rinsed away to remove dirt and debris. It’s made with sweet almond oil, which is packed with vitamin A—the same vitamin that retinol is derived from—and works to stimulate cellular turnover while also replenishing your skin barrier with moisture and nutrients. It’s also 65 mg of full-spectrum CBD to reduce inflammation, plus rose centifolia, a natural astringent that quells breakouts while keeping your complexion calm. Not one, not two, but three people recommended this product to me at Shen Beauty.

Haoma Earth Face Serum — $125.00

This do-it-all serum works in equal measure as a part of both your morning and evening routine, because it offers both defensive and restorative properties. With a blend of microalgae extract and plant stem cells, it lifts and tightens skin while also stimulating cellular turnover to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The addition of colloidal gold provides antioxidant protection, which will help to defend against the environmental stressors that cause signs of aging in the first place, and CBD and aquaxyl have calming and moisture-balancing effects.

Haoma Earth Eye Cream — $95.00

Address all of your most prominent under-eye concerns with this single cream. For puffiness, there’s calming CBD and inflammation-reducing yarrow; for dark circles, there’s tone-correcting nettle; and for wrinkles, there’s licorice and mulberry. Evening primrose is also in the mix, and helps to nourish the delicate tissue around they eye to prevent further damage from occurring in the area.

Haoma Earth Day Cream — $110.00

This lightweight moisturizer is designed to deliver all the skin protection you need as you go about your day (minus the SPF, that is). Amalki, which is rich in vitamin C, evens your skin tone while promoting the growth of healthy cells; a mineral called malachite defends against blue-light and pollution damage; and ginger offers an added layer of antioxidant protection. Plus, the addition of turmeric and CBD will help to calm any inflammation in your skin, and cardamom leaves it with a healthy, luminous finish. Apply it underneath your usual sunscreen, and you’ll be ready for whatever elements you come across.

Haoma Earth Night Cream

The final step in the Haoma Earth skin-care system is designed to help skin regenerate and reach its full potential while you sleep. Carrot-seed derived retinol stimulates cellular turnover, while CBD reduces inflammation and an ingredient called phytaluronate (which is derived from carob seeds) promotes the growth of structural proteins in your skin to fortify its barrier.

Haoma Earth The System — $295.00

Invest in Haoma Earth’s entire skin-transforming regimen (aka all of the products listed above) for a discounted price when you purchase “The System,” which will run you $295 instead of the $405 it would cost to purchase all of the products separately. It’s got everything you need for both your morning and evening routines, no guesswork or mixing-and-matching required.

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