3 Happiness-Boosting Products That Happiness Experts Personally Use Every Day

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Given the steady streams of bad news, stress, sleeplessness, and other unsavory-but-unfortunately common components of life so many of us experience, any extra dose of happiness we can come by is likely a welcome. And that includes happiness-boosting products.

Sure, becoming happier largely requires you to do work within—whether by adopting certain healthy habits, shifting your mindset, or reframing your current positions. To that end, according to happiness expert Rochelle Gapere, even if you're in a bad mood, you yourself have the ability to change that—without products. That said, it doesn’t hurt to add a few happiness gadgets to your armoire of well-being tools to help facilitate your happiness-boosting growth.

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And if you're already buying happiness-boosting products, why not snag the ones happiness experts themselves swear by? Below, pros provide three types of products they use daily to give their mental health a boost.

3 happiness-boosting products that experts recommend

1. A journal

Since some of the benefits of journaling include keeping your emotions stable and your goals more attainable, it makes sense that happiness experts recommend the practice on a daily basis.

Journaling can also help you sort through your feelings, which can be particularly helpful as you navigate the negative, or happiness-compromising ones. “Journaling is something that can offer the self-reflection, [empowerment, and inspiration] that we need,” says psychologist Sophia Godkin, PhD, who's also known as the happiness doctor.

five minute journal
Intelligent Change, The Five-Minute Journal — $17.00

Using this journal only requires five minutes of your day. It’s a great way to boost your happiness without feeling like it’s another thing you have to add to your chore wheel.

The Happiness Project, One-Sentence Journal — $25.00

Designed by happiness expert Gretchen Rubin, this journal provides the opportunity to write down your thoughts without the pressure of having to pen a 1,000-word entry. “[It’s just] one sentence, but a lot of times in one sentence, you can write down enough [so] that you feel like you’ve transferred your thoughts onto the page and gain [more] perspective,” Rubin previously told Well+Good.

2. Fitness accessories

It’s no secret that movement can help boost your mood, says Gapere, who encourages people to move their body for even just 10 minutes a day. Gapere personally keeps a Peloton in her house, but you can go with anything that centers on movement—like a treadmill, a jump rope, or a punching bag.

“Anything that gets the body moving can really put us into a state of greater joy,” adds Dr. Godkin. “Sometimes we don't realize that it's the lack of giving our body what it needs that leads to a less-than-happy state,” she adds.

GoPlus Ultra-Thin Electric Folding Treadmill
GoPlus Ultra-Thin Electric Folding Treadmill — $320.00

The best thing about this treadmill is how compact it is. If you’re running out of space, you can also consider these space-saving treadmill options.


Proud Panda, 1-lb Weighted Jump Rope — $20.00

Your exercise products don’t have to be machines, per se, they just have to elevate your heart rate. Since jumping rope is one of the best at-home cardio workouts there is, this is definitely one of the life-boosting products experts can get behind.


3. A light therapy lamp

“Sunshine is so important for each of us, and depending on where you live, you may not be getting enough of it," says Dr. Godkin. "So [light therapy lamps are] something that I have by my side at all times.”

Alaska Northern Lights North Star 10,000 — $300.00

This is the light that Dr. Godkin personally uses and prefers it because of its “research-grade light…which means you’re getting the most recommended light that you can,” she says.


Northern Light Technologies Flamingo 10,000 Lux Bright Light Therapy Floor Lamp — $230.00

This is a great option if you still want the research-grade light but are running out of room on your desk or nightstand—or if the Alaska Northern Lights lamp wasn’t aesthetically pleasing enough for the space you envisioned it in.

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