11 Happiness-Boosting Items Our Editors Bought This Month That Truly Brought Them Joy

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Back in November, we talked to happiness experts about the happiness-boosting products they use every day. The collection included everything from a journal, to a folding treadmill, to a light therapy lamp. Basically, each product functions as some kind of way to make everyday life just a little brighter (sometimes literally), more thoughtful, and all-around nourishing. While we certainly don't need things to bring us to that sunny headspace, it's also okay to rely on "happiness gadgets" to boost our mood and spark that feel-good-ness.

Curious as to what the Well+Good editorial team considers their "happiness gadgets," I asked around. And included my own. Behold: Some of the products W+G staffers purchased this month that brought us happiness galore. Take a peek, take note, and add to cart if you so desire. Maybe these things will bring you a little bit of brightness, too.

W+G editors' happiness picks

vitamin e
Nature Made Vitamin E Supplements — $15.00

“I moved out West for the winter and between the drier air, harder air, and intense ski sessions, my skin has not been happy with me these days. I bought a bottle of pure vitamin E capsules that have brought me so much happiness (and relief…) these past few weeks. I literally use it for everything: blisters on my heels Vitamin E. Chapped nose? Vitamin E. Dry eyelids? Vitamin E. It’s so simple but so effective, better than any high-end beauty product you could buy IMO.” -Frankie Krempa, Commerce Writer

Otherland The Mini Set — $50.00

“I’ve spent the last few weeks quarantining in my apartment, and these little baby candles are the only thing that keeps every hour from feeling exactly the same. I’ve taken to lighting a different scent to mark the transitional points of my day (Daybed for my morning routine, Rattan for my workday, Chandelier to unwind, and Kindling before bed), and it helps to break up the monotony. Plus, they’re so cute—looking at them and smelling them bring me equal amounts of joy.” -Zoe Weiner, Senior Beauty Editor

casper sheets
Casper Flannel Sheets — $258.00

“I got this sheet set and they’re honestly the best sheets. So much so that I have a text message to my friend from the first night saying: ‘You need to buy Casper flannel sheets.’ No other context, just a sincere request. They’re not heavy or sweat-inducing, just super cozy, soft sheets that make me feel good. (Because nothing beats luxuriating in bed.)” -Samantha Leal, Deputy Editor

wood moon suncatcher
AICNLY Handmade Wood Moon Suncatcher — $25.00

“In a recent press kit, I got a rainbow maker—which are also known as sun catchers—and thought it was just a nice decoration. I hung it by my window and have been delighted to notice that I’m a bit happier when I wake up to the rainbows the sunlight creates on my walls. The one I got is connected to a wooden moon, which adds a nice spiritual zest to my bedroom.” -Natalie Arroyo Camacho, Lifestyle Writer

Seedlip Garden 108 — $32.00

“One of the highlights of my month was going to a mocktail-making class and learning how to make delicious drinks with Seedlip’s zero-proof gin. Just the aroma alone—rosemary, thyme, and spearmint—is happiness-boosting! Now, every time I use it to make something at home I’m reminded of that fun class and it brings a smile to my face.” – Emily Laurence, Senior Food and Health Writer

Sakara Life Meal Delivery

“No matter how much R&R I get over the holidays, January still manages to hit me like a ton of bricks. How it always manages to be the busiest month of the year is beyond me! I wouldn’t have made it this far without a fridge filled with Sakara Life’s delicious, nutrient-rich meals that I can dig into with zero effort involved (yes, even food editors need help getting dinner on the table sometimes). From cozy soups and chia-topped cherry yogurt parfaits to pastries, soba noodles, and so many leafy greens, this service always manages to make my heart (and belly) so happy.” -Betty Gold, Senior Food Editor

We Are Knitters, The Social Bubble Cardigan Knitting Kit — $155.00

“I’ve never really knitted anything for myself outside the realm of ‘flat, square object,’ so when I saw this adorable bubble sweater on We Are Knitters, I felt like it was time to try my skills at making a sweater. Throughout the pandemic, knitting has helped me avert my eyes from the garbage fire that’s blazing outside and use my hands in a productive way that nets something I can feel, something that brings warmth (so does said garbage fire, but it’s far less pleasant). So knit I will. We Are Knitters kits come with yarn, the right gauge of needles, and a pattern to follow along. The site is packed with video tutorials, so when you get lost or confused with a stitch, you can sharpen your skills by watching someone else do it. Happiness activated.” -Ali Finney, Deputy Editor, Brand Initiatives

muffin pan
Cuisinart Chef's Classic Nonstick 6-C. Jumbo Muffin Pan — $16.00

“Have you ever made a batch of muffins and thought, these could just be so much…bigger? Well, that’s exactly what happened to me recently, when I was underwhelmed by the non-bakery-esque effect my regular-size muffin tin was affording me. Enter: the jumbo muffin tin. Modify any muffin recipe to fit your jumbo-size tin by adding about 10 minutes of cook time in the oven, and you’ll be twice as happy with the twice-as-large result. I certainly have found that to be the case.” -Alexis Berger, Lifestyle Director

Rue De L'Universite Candle — $72.00

“I wish YSL had an auto-restock option of this candle because at the end of every day, I light it and then melt into the blissful, chill, happy environment that it creates.” -Finney

waffle bootie
Parachute Waffle Bootie — $59.00

And now for my personal joy-inducing product recs, starting with these insulated slippers. First of all: They’re called a WAFFLE BOOTIES. Just that alone makes me happy. But the real reason why I love them (and the reason why they make me so happy) is that they’re the perfect house shoe. Growing up in a Russian household meant that everyone MUST wear slippers inside the house. If you’re barefoot, no matter the indoor temp, you’ll certainly catch a flu and suffer, according to Russian lore. I have like seven pairs, and these are my favorite. They’re light enough warmer temps (I live in LA, so the option for a lightweight house shoe is ideal), but will still keep your toes warm on chillier days (if it dips below 50 degrees, I’ll pair ’em with some socks for extra toasty-ness).

hydro flask
Hydro Flask Stainless Steal Water Bottle (64oz) — $65.00

These days, I spend the majority of my paychecks on three things: Cute dog toys that are shaped like all the things they’re not allowed to chew on (examples include remote control, slipper, pizza slice, although this makes me wonder if I’m sending the wrong message to my dogs—parenting is hard), my mortgage, and reusable water bottles. $65 for a water bottle is on the very steep side, but listen: I needed a gigantic water bottle that wouldn’t leak. I take my water bottles everywhere, and I’ve had my fair share of bottle leakage (one nearly destroyed my laptop when I packed both in my backpack) to know it’s worth paying more for something that’s super secure. And also super functional: Hydro Flask’s insulation is top-notch, which means your cold drinks will stay cold—all day long. I brought this one to the Mojave Desert with me, and my water stayed icy cold in 105-degree heat. Plus, the sheer size motivates me to drink more. No leaks, more hydration = happy me.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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