18 Happiness-Boosting Products Well+Good Editors Bought in February That Sparked the Most Joy

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Last month, W+G staffers shared all the things we purchased that brought us happiness. And while we don't necessarily need stuff to bring us to a brighter headspace, one happiness expert told us back in November that sometimes having a few material goods—or "happiness gadgets," as she calls them—to cherish can help boost our mood. And since days are still short, skies are still moody and grey, and we're ways away from those summer-vacation plans we've been drafting in our heads, it's understandable to want to add some joy-sparking goods to your cart.

Take a peek at some of the "happiness gadgets" that team Well+Good bought in February—and you might just be inspired enough to buy some yourself (if you want!).

The things that made us the happiest this month

magic spoon
Magic Spoon (Variety 4-Pack) — $39.00

“Calling all the kids at heart! Magic Spoon has somehow managed to make my cereal craving a less sugary reality. Allergen-friendly and actually tasty, I recommend starting with a variety pack and then reordering, subscribing to the one you love best. And if you love them all equally, there’s no shame in re-upping on all of them.” — Catie Jaffe, Growth Marketing Manager

fly by jing
Fly By Jing Zhong Sauce — $15.00

I’ve been putting Fly By Jing’s Zhong sauce on everything. If there is one thing that makes me the happiest, it’s flavorful, tasty food, and this sauce is a vehicle for just that. I put it on my fried-egg-and-avocado toast, pizza, baked salmon, Fly By Jing dumplings—you name it, this sauce will elevate it. Last night, I slathered some on a basic and would-be tragically boring grilled chicken, and I felt like a culinary genius. The taste is sweet, savory, and a little bit spicy; it’s made with brown sugar, mushrooms, garlic, soy sauce, umami, and ton of spices. I’ll always have a jar of this (and the Fly By Jing’s Sichuan Chili Crisp sauce) in my pantry for an instant zap of delicious flavor.


Sodastream Terra (Hydration Pack) — $142.00

“Nothing sparks joy for me quite like my Sodastream Terra. I really like making my own concoctions—like fresh grapefruit and rosemary sprigs—into my glass of sparkling water, and it takes up almost zero countertop real estate. Hydrated = happy. Also, why did I bother lugging a million pounds of wasteful plastic water bottles home from the grocery store all those years? I love that SodaStream is so committed to significantly reducing single-use plastic waste—this machine completely eliminates the need for single-use bottles or cans (FYI, every family with a SodaStream sparkling water maker saves 3,070 bottles every four years from ending up in landfills, which adds up to more than 765 bottles a year)! Taking it a step further, SodaStream is partnering with SEETurtles.org this year to save a baby sea turtle for every machine sold during the month of April. Now who doesn’t want to particulate in a cause like that?” —Betty Gold, Senior Food Editor

Avène' Tolerance Control Soothing Skin Recovery Cream — $35.00

“Especially this time of year, my skin is dry as… I don’t know, sand? A Brillo pad? The entire western region of the United States? Anyway, that’s why Avène’s new recovery cream has been a winter-skin savior. I can feel its hydrating effects nearly immediately, and it’s minimized both visible flakiness and redness and also my need to itch. It’s also perfect for my sensitive, eczema-prone skin. I could go on, but I’m going to go re-apply instead.” —Alexis Berger, Lifestyle Director

buffing bar
Soft Services Buffing Bar — $28.00

“Gone are the days of annoying (and sometimes painful) bumps on my skin (read: butt). This buffing bar is perfect for gently sloughing off sweat, dead skin, or excess keratin while not damaging skin. After a few days of consistent use, I saw the improvements in my skin I had been searching for for months.” —CJ

Ilia Lip Wrap Reviving Balm — $24.00

“I can’t express how life-changing a good lip balm can be in 30 degree weather. And this lip balm has kept my lips from feeling like a desert for the last several weeks. I absolutely LOVE the consistency, which is a bit more gooey and slick than most lip balms. Even so, it stays on for hours and feels almost windproof. Additionally, it has a ton of hyaluronic acid in its formula to really amp up the hydration. I usually apply a couple coats and I’m good for the next couple hours.” —Taylor Bell, Senior Commerce Writer

Mush Mixed Pack (6-Pack) — $40.00

“So yes, it is technically just cold oatmeal. But I like to think of Mush as the glamping of oatmeal. It’s tasty, it’s got healthy ingredients, the flavors are strong so you don’t need to add any extra toppings if you don’t want to, and because the oats are soaked cold (rather than hot), it allows you to enjoy more good-for-you ingredients like zinc, iron, calcium, and magnesium.” —CJ

beyond yoga pullover
Beyond Yoga All The Feels Cropped Raglan Pullover — $79.00

“I’m in love with Beyond Yoga’s leggings, but this sweatshirt? I wear it everywhere. Out with friends, on the couch, walking the dog, even under my ski bibs, sometimes. It’s made from that curly, trendy boucle fabric, and it feels like I’m wearing a cloud.” —Frankie Krempa, Commerce Editor

espresso machine
Cafe AFFETTO Automatic Espresso Machine & Frother — $730.00

“I love lattes…a latte (couldn’t help myself!). But I also am no barista, which why this automatic espresso machine with Wi-Fi capabilities (read: you can control it from an app on your phone) has been a true lifesaver for brewing my go-to morning bev without worry that I’ll make a huge mess and also probably break something. I simply pour espresso beans into the top of the machine, press a button, and—voilà—cafè-quality espresso is ready. Combined with steamed milk from the attached frother arm, I have a fancy latte within minutes. It also doesn’t hurt that the machine looks super chic on my counter.” —AB

PureWine 'The Wand' (3-Pack) — $12.00

“A glass of wine in the evening is one of life’s simplest pleasures. That is, unless you immediately get an upset stomach, your skin flushes, or you wake up with a headache. These PureWine Purifier Sticks work to quickly and effectively remove histamines and sulfates with a few stirs, which can give some folks headaches. I know it sounds like magic, and, um, it kind of is—even if it’s just a placebo effect.” —CJ

modern witch tarot
The Modern Witch Tarot Deck — $20.00

“I’ve been practicing tarot since 2019, and I feel such happiness whenever I pull a card—because I’m confident that the card’s energy will help propel me through whatever I’m going through. Plus, the cards’ diversity (skin tones, outfits, vibes) allow me to see myself more in this deck than in the traditional Rider-Waite deck. And that, in and of itself, brings me an extra happiness boost when I do a reading for myself.” —Natalie Arroyo Camacho, Lifestyle Writer

Biom All Purpose Cleaning Starter Kit — $35.00

“You know you’re of a certain age when cleaning products make you so inexplicably happy. But put these biodegradable wipes in this refillable canister and feel some joy along with me. They’re available for pre-order now.” —Samantha Leal, Deputy Editor

sundays dog food
Sundays Dog Food, USDA Beef Recipe — $75.00

I had to start feeding my older dog special food for her digestion issues, and this made my younger dog jealous and go on a hunger strike. The drama! The only way I could get her to eat her food (that she’s been completely fine with for over a year) is if I held up the bowl to her mouth. So, I started to mix in Sundays dog food, an air-dried, human-grade dog food. Spoiler alert: She loved it. Chowed it down in seconds, and immediately shot me a glance that said, “MORE.” I’ve been giving her this, along with her “boring” dog kibble for a couple weeks, and she’s never been happier for breakfast and dinner (and her coat has never been shinier!). It’s definitely pricey for dog chow, which is why I use it as a topper! But whatever makes my dogs happy, makes me happy (except when it’s my slippers that make them happy).

cashmere kush
Boy Smells Cashmere Kush Candle — $34.00

“Give me a super luxe-smelling candle, and I’m a happy camper. This one is phenomenal, and it makes me feel like I have my life together in one small way.” —SL

bed threads
Bed Threads Limoncello 100% Flax Linen Sheet Set — $260.00

“Rolling around in my buttery Bed Threads linen sheets made my winter month of hibernation all the sweeter. You can outfit your bed by building your own bundle or just snag a pair of sheets and hit the hay. Either way, you’ll level up your sleep game and awake happier each morning. Trust me.” —Ali Finney, Deputy Editor, Brand Initiatives

Nopalera Cactus Flower Exfoliant — $32.00

“I’m in love with this Latinx-founded brand and everything they make, but I’m already on my second tub of this scrub and the slight fragrance (not to mention softened skin) makes me feel super happy.” —SL

Knickey Low-Rise Thong — $17.00

“When it comes to underwear, I always try to find styles that are both sexy and easy to wear. And this versatile pair fit the bill: I can lounge in these undies one minute and then do a workout in them the next. I can do serious aerobic moves like squats without having to readjust that much. Plus, the organic cotton is super absorbent and really helps keep things down there breezy and cool.” —TB

Vasanti BrightenUp! Exfoliator — $34.00

I discovered Vasanti in a Birchbox like seven years ago, and I’ve been using it ever since. As someone who’s tested hundreds of exfoliating products, I can say with strong volition that this is one of the best. It’s made with natural ingredients like aloe vera that leaves skin smooth and hydrated, gently sloughs away dead skin without irritating, and leaves skin brighter and healthier-looking after every use. This is part of my weekly wind-down routine—I’ll use Vasanti to exfoliate, followed by a hydrating mask, and a few hours of Grey’s Anatomy. Heaven!


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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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