Harvard’s Nutrition Course Helps You Learn To Eat Healthier in 6 Weeks

Healthy eating isn't rocket science, but it can certainly start to feel that way when you're constantly hearing about the latest diet, superfood, or fad. The express purpose of Harvard's six-week online eating course ($30) is to take nutrition back to the basics through quizzes, worksheets, and easy recipes (because deciding what to eat for dinner shouldn't be a brain-teaser).

"Harvard experts have created a six-week plan that can boost your health by showing you simple ways to eat more healthfully," reads the course description. "This online course is an engaging, empowering, and exciting way to learn." In other words, it takes the drama out of your food choices so you can eat your meals in peace.

Although the course is designed to take a month and a half, it's self-paced—meaning that you can move through Harvard's seven steps to healthy eating at your own leisure. "There is so much nutrition information available today—much of it is confusing and conflicting—that it can seem difficult to make the best choices," says Harvard Health. "But in this new course, our experts distilled the latest nutrition science into easy steps you can take each day to help you improve your diet, set achievable goals, and then take positive steps to reach them."

In the first week, you'll learn how to reorganize your kitchen with nutrition in mind, keep your first food journal, shop smart at the grocery store, and read a nutrition label like a pro. Week two will be all about mastering your mornings, from prepping a fueling breakfast to scheduling time to sweat. By the time you roll into week three, you'll be ready to tackle lunch and dinner. After that, you're basically in final's season of this course: You'll start to fine-tune the art of taking care of your body and your health and then graduate with flying colors.

Learning to eat your ROYGBIV vegetables is a lot like learning your ABCs—so let's get started.

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