Yes, TikTok’s Trendy Headbands Really Do Make Face-Washing *So* Much Easier—Here Are the 11 Best To Shop

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Move over, designer water bottles and viral bronzing drops. The latest TikTok-accessory to have a moment is actually so much more than a trendy status symbol, a product that'll sneakily elevate your daily wellness routine tenfold. Headbands for face-washing, like the famous, croissant-looking one influencers are wearing to cleanse their skin and apply makeup (aka, "GRWM"), really are worth the hype.

Why? Because if you've ever tried washing your face with your bangs and fly-aways in the way, you know how annoying it is to keep your hairline dry and suds-free. It may seem minimal, but these designated headbands change that, keeping your hair off your face so you don't risk ruining a fresh blowout or getting cleanser in your curtain bangs. With your strands out of the way, applying the rest of your skin-care routine and makeup is simple, too.

Best headbands for face-washing, at a glance:

There are plenty of headbands for face-washing available in a whole slew of different materials, designs, and colors. Most fall into two camps—pull-on or adjustable—and each is made in comfortable, water-friendly materials that don’t tug, snag, or irritate your skin and hair. You can also use hair clips for thick hair or hair clips for thin hair. While you might have to wait to get your hands on the *exact* TikTok-famous one (more on that below) there are others that'll work just as well come cleanse time, if not, even better. Find our favorites, below.
11 best headbands for face-washing

Best overall

Versed, Good Hair Day — $18.00

Whether you know it as the “croissant headband”, the “bubble headband”, or the “GRWM headband”, chances are you’ve seen the viral Versed headband on your TikTok For You Page. There’s plenty of reasons why this exact headband is so popular, but the most impressive being that it’s sturdy, fashionable, and genuinely elevates the face-washing experience. We have it on good authority that the brand is dropping their latest iteration of the headband on March 21, so you’ll want to act fast—they usually sell out in a few hours.

One happy shopper shares that although she had to sit tight for another restock, it was absolutely worth the wait. “It’s the best headband to wash your face with or put your hair back with while doing makeup,” she says. “It’s so cushiony and cute.”


  • Plenty of positive reviews
  • Doubles as a hair accessory you can actually wear


  • Sell out quickly

Best value:

Laxizar, 10-Piece Bow Headbands — $10.00

Headbands for face-washing aren’t too expensive, but at $10, this set of 10 is a steal. Each of the plush headbands (which equate to about a dollar each if you’re doing the math) are designed to make getting ready in the morning a bit more exciting, adorned with a bold print and bow for a pretty touch. The length of each headband is about 8 inches, which is slightly smaller than the average head size, but we can confirm that it stretches out the more you use it. That said, those with larger heads might not love this one, but smaller-headed folks will find that these fit perfectly.

“For the price and quantity, these are quality headbands,” an Amazon shopper writes. “I was surprised at how nice these were. I made adorable little spa gift bags with these and loved how much cheaper they were than options at Ulta, Target, or anywhere else. Highly recommend!”


  • $1 per headband
  • Plushy and machine-washable
  • Cute and different


  • Run small

Best design

Urban Outfitters, Spa Day Headband — $8.00

Add some whimsy to your skin-care routine with these adorable headbands from Urban Outfitters. Choose from a bow or a number of other funky designs like frog eyes, paw prints, and bunny and panda ears—you won’t be disappointed by any of them. Each headband is made from 100% polyester, which is machine washable for easy cleaning, and is intended to fit a wide range of head sizes.

“It’s so much softer than the pictures show!,” a customer says of the panda ears. “It was totally worth the money; it’s really high-quality. I’m debating getting all the different kinds, regardless of being in my twenties—you’re never too old to look like an adorable panda.”


  • Comes in 6 unique colors and designs
  • Stretchy terry fabric


  • Runs small and snug

Best machine washable:

Vintage Cosmetic Company, Peggy Makeup Headband — $8.00

This fluffy face-washing headband from Vintage Cosmetics is a must, particularly if you appreciate the power of a good cheetah print. Though it only comes in one design (I wish there were more), it’s one of my personal favorites because of how easy it is to wash and the fact that it never seems to get wet—even when a face-washing session involves lots of splashing.

“I love these headbands and the vintage packaging,” says one shopper who bought one for all of her friends for Christmas. “They’re so soft and adorable.”


  • Classic cheetah design
  • Machine washable
  • Removable bow


  • Only comes in one print

Best for bigger heads

Kitsch, Extra Wide Spa Headband — $10.00

If your head is on the larger side and you’re worried about fitting into some of the other more snug options, this is a great pick. It’s designed to be stretchy enough so that it covers your entire head of hair (and then some). The best part of all is how surprising it is that the super-soft fabric is made from recycled materials. A happy customer agrees, explaining that although it’s so soft and luxurious, the real catch is how stretchy it is.

“It holds all of my hair for the entire time I’m washing my face,” she says. “I have extremely long hair and this headband tucks it all away. My hair is secure and it’s so comfortable to wear.”


  • Fits entire head of hair
  • Very comfortable


  • Might be too much material for smaller heads

Best set

Glow Recipe, Avocado Spa Headband + Wristband Kit — $19.00

If you hate the mess that comes along with washing your face, you’ll love this avocado-inspired headband and wristband set from Glow Recipe. The soft cotton-terry cloth material is adorned with an endearing avocado detail and protects your hair (either dry or wet) from the facial-cleansing splash zone. While not totally necessary, the matching wrist bands are too cute to pass up and the fact that they keep PJ arms (and the bathroom counter) dry is a plus.

“There’s nothing I hate more than water dripping down my arms, but these make getting ready easy and clean,” a buyer writes. “And it’s like a towel and has avocados!”


  • Towel-like material
  • Matching wristbands


  • Wristbands aren’t for everyone

Best adjustable

VOLO, Spa Headband — $16.00

No two heads are the same, which is why this adjustable headband from Volo Beauty is so awesome. It features a soft, plush towel-like fabric that’s gentle on hair and skin, plus an adjustable strap that can be made bigger or smaller to fit your head shape. It absorbs water and mitigates messes but dries in time for its next use. But, like many thick cotton towels, it can leave behind little fuzzies in its wake.

“It’s comfy and cute, not too snug or too loose. It doesn’t tug my hair while also staying put,” an Amazon shopper explains. “It’s definitely for an adult sized-head only; I tried to see if my younger sister (10-year-old) could use it, but it was too big for her.” She noticed some shedding, but once she threw it in the wash, it seemed to help.


  • Soft and towel-like
  • Dries quickly
  • Completely adjustable


  • Prone to shedding

Best microfiber

Emi Jay, Cloud Headband — $16.00

Think of this headband like a cloud: Comfy, fluffy, and pretty to look at. Designed to be worn at any point of your morning routine (whether that be during skin care or makeup), this soft microfiber headband is intended to gently keep your hair out of your face without creating unwanted dents. And because Emi Jay is a master of hair accessory aesthetics, the headband comes in an assortment of soft colors like brown, pink, and light blue. It doesn’t have too many reviews yet, but I’m personally a huge fan of how it hugs my head and hair without hurting me or feeling like they’re about to slip off. The fact that they’re so fluffy helps seal the deal, because who doesn’t want to get ready in cloud-like comfort?


  • Pretty colors
  • Supreme comfort


  • Might not be as fluffy after washing in the laundry

Best terry cloth

Whaline Spa, Facial Headband — $10.00

Bring the spa to the comfort of your own home with these headbands that resemble the ones you put on before a facial. They’re probably the most structured out of the rest of the headbands on this list, but don’t feel stiff at all. In fact, thanks to the terry fabric, they’re comfortable, skin-friendly, and neatly tuck the hair away from the face without being bothersome. They offer a ton of elasticity—even after being repeatedly washed, they never lose their shape. It’s also worth noting that they’re available in a whopping 11 colors, so you can pick the one that speaks to you the most.

A reviewer that was sick of seeing fluffy options with bows said they were impressed by this alternative: “These came in clutch,” they say. “[These headbands] are perfect for keeping hair out of your face and they stay steady!”


  • Holds shape well
  • Comfortable
  • 11 color options


  • Could be thicker

Best silk:

Slip, Pure Silk Headband — $69.00

Anyone with curly hair knows that sleeping on silk or satin is an integral part of maintaining the integrity of curls, kinks, and coils. Not only does this supremely smooth, breathable fabric glide over the top of the hair, it can actually prevent the friction that causes frizz, tangles, and even bedhead.

If you have curly hair (or any type of hair, for that matter), you’ll love this mulberry silk headband from Slip. It features an adorable front-knot design and keeps your hair in place (and out of your face) without creasing. Though it’s on the pricier side, it’s worth every penny when you consider the fact that it’s doing a favor for both your skin and your hair.

A shopper with Type 4 hair loves how this headband holds all of her hair in place without giving her a headache. “It can be worn with twists or my hair loose and the knot at the center can add some glam to a mom bun,” she adds. “I have this in every color.”


  • Mulberry silk
  • Prevents creases, friction, and frizz
  • Can be worn for all-day wear


  • Pricey

Most adorable

Honest, Fuzzy Headband — $15.00

Jessica Alba’s wellness brand, Honest, makes these bear-y cute headbands that’ll leave you warm and fuzzy inside when you wear ’em. Made from a teddy-soft material, they’re easy to slip on to keep your hairline out of the way while you wash or put on makeup.

Some reviews say it doesn’t stay in place perfectly and tends to slip. However, W+G’s Associate Commerce Editor, Francesca Krempa, swears by it for cleansing and even showering: “I’ll throw it on when I’m not washing my hair to keep my bangs dry, then clip the rest up in the back,” she says. “Keeps me dry every time. Plus, I think the ears suit me.”


  • Soft and stretchy
  • Cute ears
  • Machine washable


  • Might run large

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