Upgrade Your Workout Tech With These Bluetooth Headphones and Smart Watches on Sale Already

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Getting “in the zone” is what propels you through a particularly challenging routine or motivates you to hit the gym at the end of a hard workday. The zone is the place—or, more accurately, the state of mind—where your fitness goals can be achieved, despite how physically or mentally taxing they are. It would be nearly impossible to get into the zone without the help of our workout accoutrement—the little devices that allow us to track our progress while simultaneously listening to our favorite podcast, playlist, or audio book.

But replacing your workout tech when it gets lost, becomes outdated, breaks or just dies, can be a major financial hit. That’s why it’s important to keep your head on the swivel for sales. Luckily, Amazon is having a huge one right now, so you can upgrade your workout tech for a fraction of the normal price.

So you don’t run out of time sifting through the sales section of Amazon, we put together a list of the best discounted tech. Each item here is an absolute must-buy if you want to get into your workout flow and stay there. Keep scrolling to see our favorite workout tech on sale right now.

Best wireless headphones on sale

Bose Wireless Bluetooth Headphones — $249.00

Originally $299, now $249

If you want to feel like your ear lobes are floating on puffy, white clouds, these Bluetooth headphones from Bose are the ones for you. You already know, because it’s Bose, that the sound quality is going to be top tier. These are perfect for working out because they are wireless, so no cord can come between you and your flow. In terms of sound, they’re uniquely adaptable. You can choose between Aware Mode (where more ambient sound is let through the headphones), and Quiet Mode (which lessens those environmental sounds around you), or full-on noise canceling.

apple airpod pros
Apple AirPods Pro — $197.00

Originally $249, now $197

Amazon’s got the best deal for Apple Airpods Pro at just $197 (that’s a 21 percent discount), and if you’re looking for a pair of best-in-class earbuds that get major points for sound quality, the ability to cancel out background noise, coming with three sizes of ear tips to make sure they’re always nice and snug, being sweat- and water-resistant, adaptive EQ that tunes music to the shape of your ear (the future is now), and super seamless connection to your Apple products. Also? These’ll typically give you around 4.5 hours of battery life.

Jabra Elite Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds — $150.00

Originally $180, now $150

If you’re looking for something sleeker, go with the Jabra wireless earbuds. They’re noise canceling with a minimalistic design and a secure fit that allows you to almost forget they’re in your ears. The biggest attraction of these earbuds is their super long battery life—they can be used up to 24 hours, whereas Air Pods typically last from four to five hours in between charging sessions. The Jabra earbuds also come in fun colors like mint, navy, and titanium.

bose headphones
Bose QuietComfort Noise Cancelling True Wireless Earbuds — $200.00

Originally $280, now $200

If you’re team Bose, then owing a pair of these noise-cancelling wireless earbuds is a solid investment. They offer crisp, balanced sound, secure and comfortable fit, and easy Bluetooth connection to devices. People especially love these earbuds for their Aware Mode feature that uses ActiveSense™ Technology (a way to mute out the noise you don’t wan to hear while simultaneously hearing what’s going on around you—like if someone is calling your name, for instance) and the fact that they’re sweat-proof and weather-resistant. It’s also got a custom mic system, which music lovers will love, and six hours of battery life.

Best smart watches on sale

apple watch
Apple Watch Series 5 — $459.00

Originally $749, now $459

Look, if you are Very Serious about having the newest Apple Watch, then we recommend getting the Apple Watch Series 7 (no, really, we wrote about it in detail here). But if you’re in need of a new, great Apple Watch that’s not necessarily the newest model, you can get this one nearly $300 off. It’s got built-in cellular features, an Always-On Retina display so don’t have to swivel your wrist all the time or tap on the screen to see the time or who’s calling, built-in GPS, an ECG app for your heart health, and it’s swim-proof. Oh, and can hold on your favorite music, audiobooks, and more.

Amazfit Band — $35.00

Originally $40, now $35

Amazon’s fitness band is literally a steal. With Alexa built-in, the band tracts your blood oxygen, heart rate, sleep schedule, and menstrual cycle. It offers insights on short and long-term health trends and sends alerts when your period is coming. The Amazfit band is one of the most affordable fitness bands on the market. With a sleek, minimalist design, the band can also control your music, is water resistant and has a 15-day battery life.

Samsung Galaxy Smart Watch — $199.00

Originally $250, now $200

The Samsung Galaxy Smart Watch is the perfect companion to bring along to the gym, on your daily run, or to the office. The watch monitors your pace, your resting and active heart rate, and your sleep schedule—dolling out insights and recommendations on how you can improve your health and overall energy levels each day. The watch allows you to tract your progress and fitness goals. It also has the added benefit of coming in a wide array of colors, faces and styles.

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