In a Battle Between Hummus and Guac, Which Healthy Snack Dip Wins?

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If you're throwing a party and you don't plan to serve hummus and guacamole, don't bother sending me an invitation. Just kidding. However, I will cease to trust your snacking prowess and will bring my own avocado and chickpea dips from here on out, thank you very much. When it comes to what healthy dips reign supreme, there's no question: guac and hummus come out on top. Registered dietitian Tracy Lockwood Beckerman, RD, the host of You Versus Food, says that while both dips deserve a spot in the lineup, each packs its own nutritional strengths.

"Hummus and guac are sitting pretty at the top of the snacking hierarchy," says Beckerman. "Hummus is smooth and creamy, whereas guac is chunky and refreshing. And most importantly, they pair well with basically everything." (Crudités! Pita chips! Hard boiled eggs! Whole wheat crackers!)

What is the healthiest dip?


"When comparing two tablespoons, in standard, store-bought hummus and guac, there is a tad more unsaturated fat and protein in hummus than guac. That means you may stay fuller longer if you go for the hummus over the guac," says the dietitian. As the author of The Better Period Food Solution, Beckerman also strongly believes that your food choices should sync up with your cycle. And when Aunt Flo comes calling, she says hummus may prove a better choice than guac. "If it’s your time of the month, reach towards the hummus over the guacamole to replenish iron stores and to bump up your energy levels. Our bodies crave iron during our periods and chickpeas help deliver the bod with high quality iron," says Beckerman. 


Your run-of-the-mill store bought guacamole contains slightly more fiber than a store-bought hummus. That means it will keep you fuller, longer. Avocado also happens to be a stellar healthy fat (duh) and a good source of magnesium. "If you are nearing ovulation or are ovulating, think day 10 to 14, opt for the guac," says Beckerman. "You want to scatter your diet with antioxidants and vitamin C during this time to maintain a healthy uterine environment and keep your eggs in prime condition; the guacamole is packed with vitamin C and vitamin E, which will protect your reproductive system."

Watch Beckerman break down the benefits of an avocado:

Although there's an opportunity to be ultra-choosy with which dip you eat depending on the needs of your body, Beckerman drives home the point that you can't go wrong with either snack. "Eat what you enjoy, not what you think is healthier. Both stack up pretty similarly nutritionally so whatever is going to put you in a better mood, stock up on that at the grocery store," says the dietitian. Just remember though: if you're entertaining, the only answer is to serve both.

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