3-Ingredient Recipes That Are Perfect for Those Lazy-Girl Lunch Days

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Sure, being able to do a week's worth of meal prepping on Sunday is definitely #goals worthy. But what about those nights when Netflix is calling and the mere idea of filling up an entire cart full of produce (let alone chopping an onion) is enough to bring you to tears?

Those times call for super-simple recipes that can be created with only three main ingredients (not counting salt and pepper). You might even have a few of these foods hanging around your kitchen, meaning no need to push pause on your Sex and the City marathon in order to make a supermarket run. (Phew!)

Scroll down to see 5 healthy lunch recipes that come together in a flash.

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Sweet Potato Soup in a Flash

A baked sweet potato gets blended up with vegetable broth and soy or almond milk for a hearty, easy soup. Optional: Add a pinch of orange zest and top with avocados if they're handy.

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3-Ingredient Salmon

It seems impossible to screw up cooking this fish dish, when all you need is a lemon, Italian seasoning, and a 500°F oven.

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Easy Miso Avocado English Pea Soup

This is one of those "just add water" recipes: Peas, avocado, and a few teaspoons of white miso, combined with H2O, all blend together for a smooth green soup.

Photo: Half Baked Harvest

3-Ingredient Apricot Chicken

Half Baked Harvest's Tieghan Gerard calls this "magic chicken," even though she acknowledges the ingredients that make it so tasty are a bit odd. She mixes up apricot preserves and Russian dressing, then pours it over chicken thighs in a Pyrex pan. That's it! (Here's a no-mayo, gluten-free Russian dressing recipe  and one for raw, refined sugar-free apricot jam in case you'd prefer to DIY.)

Photo: In It 4 the Long Run

Kale Pesto Pasta

Boiling water for the pasta is the most labor-intensive step of this beyond-easy lunch. Add kale and pesto and you're good to go. (Here's a homemade pesto you could make in advance if you don't want to go the store-bought route.)

Flex your cooking skills with more 10-minute lunch recipes. Or take all the cash you save on ingredients and invest in the most luxurious lunch bag ever.  

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