This Healthy Blueberry Pie Is Delicious *and* Will up Your Gut Health

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Want to make a healthy blueberry pie? Watch the video.

Nothing says summer quite like pie—especially when it's filled with the best of the best of seasonal fruit. Peaches, strawberries, it's all fair game. But honestly, blueberry pie is what truly takes the cake, er, pie slice.

If you've been dying to get your blueberry pie game on (but are hoping to make it a bit healthier), you're in luck. In the latest episode of Alt-Baking Bootcamp, Well+Good’s YouTube series focused on reinventing classic treats to be a bit healthier, healthy chefs Jenny Dorsey and Mia Rigden share how to make a delicious blueberry pie with gut-friendly ingredients literally baked into the crust. Get you a dessert that does the most.

For the crust, they use a mix of coconut flour, hazelnut four, and tapioca starch—the latter of which is high in fiber, says Rigden. (The half cup of tapioca starch used in the recipe has four grams of fiber, which is eight times the amount found in all-purpose white flour.) Fiber, of course, is an important nutrient that helps reduce inflammation, lower blood cholesterol, and ensuring digestive health.

They also swap regular sugar for coconut palm sugar. "What I love about coconut sugar in particular is that in addition to its sweet flavor, it has inulin, which is a prebiotic," Ridgen says. Basically, the sugar has a component that helps feed the good bacteria in your gut, keeping your microbiome happy and thriving. (It doesn't hurt that it's delicious, too.)

It doesn't hurt that the blueberries that fill the crust are high in fiber too—about four grams per cup—ensuring that every single bite of this pie will literally feed your gut. Click here for the full recipe.

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