7 Healthy Breakfast Casseroles You Won’t Want to Sleep On

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Casseroles have long been a dinnertime go-to for many reasons: One, they get a well-rounded meal on the table that doesn't require a ton of active cooking time and only dirty one main dish in the process. Plus, a single casserole yields enough servings to feed a crowded table or produce plenty of leftovers for easy lunches, another perk—especially during busy weeks.

But who says this time-saving dish needs to be relegated to suppers alone? The healthy breakfast casseroles here can offer the same benefits for your first meal of the day. Loaded with protein and fiber, they're sure to keep you full until lunchtime rolls around, too. Make your way down the list by cooking up one of these recipes a week and you'll have your breakfasts taken care of for almost two months. How's that for helpful?

Scroll down for 7 healthy breakfast casseroles that will save you time in the morning.

healthy breakfast casseroles
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1. Mediterranean-inspired breakfast casserole

Consider this the breakfast version of your favorite Mediterranean bowl. Feta, red bell peppers, onion, spinach, and olive oil are all invited to the party, but instead of grains, eggs make up the base. You wanted protein? You got it.

Get the recipe: Mediterranean-inspired breakfast casserole 

cheesy spinach fritatta
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2. Cheesy spinach frittata

If you like the idea of an egg- and spinach-based breakfast casserole but aren't down with eating Mediterranean all week long, this frittata may be more your speed. Besides the aforementioned ingredients, it's also made with garlic, paprika, and your favorite go-to cheese.

Get the recipe: Cheesy spinach frittata

healthy breakfast casserole recipes
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3. Hash brown breakfast casserole

This recipe takes a classic breakfast duo—eggs and hash browns—and uses them to make a hearty breakfast casserole. The eggs are definitely the primary protein source here, while the potatoes add fiber and potassium. It's also made with spinach and red bell pepper, which ups the fiber even more.

Get the recipe: Hash brown breakfast casserole

egg-free breakfast bake
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4. No-egg sausage and pepper breakfast bake

If you're not an egg-lover or avoid them for dietary reasons, you can absolutely still enjoy a thick slice of breakfast casserole. This one is full of veggies and sausage for protein.

Get the recipe: No-egg sausage and pepper bake

vegan breakfast casserole recipe
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5. Vegan breakfast casserole

Okay, so you have your go-to for an eggless breakfast casserole. What if you don't eat any animal products whatsoever? You just found your new favorite recipe. The secret? Chickpea flour, which is full of protein and fiber and 100-percent vegan. Genius, right?

Get the recipe: Vegan breakfast casserole

6. Vegan hash brown breakfast casserole

White beans can serve as another replacement for eggs in healthy breakfast casseroles and this recipe breaks down exactly how to do it. It's another good source of fiber and protein while also being versatile enough to work with a range of seasonings (in this case, nutritional yeast, ground steak seasoning, and smoked paprika).

Get the recipe: Vegan hash brown breakfast casserole

strawberry breakfast bake
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7. Strawberry coconut breakfast bake

If you like your breakfasts sweet, not savory, this casserole is for you. Made with banana, strawberries, walnuts, coconut flakes, and cinnamon, it tastes almost like dessert.

Get the recipe: Strawberry coconut breakfast bake

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