Eat up Nature’s Chocolate Chips With These 3 Healthy Recipes

Photo: Earthy Andy
Growing up, the only chocolate chips that graced your cookies and trail mix were probably the super-sweet kind from major candy brands—you know, the ones that are approximately 90 percent sugar and 10 percent chocolate. That ratio may be a kid's dream come true, but it turns out nature's version is even better—not just because of the wholesome chocolatey taste, but also due to its impressive health benefits those other morsels can't even touch.

Like cacao powder, tiny cacao nibs—which come from African tree pods—only contain one simple ingredient: chocolate in its most raw, pure form. There's no dairy or sugar—and because of that, you're able to take in its free radical-absorbing antioxidants, zinc, iron potassium, and high magnesium content without anything getting in the way. That means getting your chocolate fix and  better sleep, less anxiety, and lower stress levels.

Ready to gobble up some chocolate the healthy way? Try these 3 delicious recipes.

Eat up nature's chocolate chips in these 3 healthy recipes
Photos: Botanica

1. Cacao coconut granola

This warm bowl of goodness makes for the perfect way to start the day—unless you don't like eating a much healthier version of Cocoa Puffs. Yes, that's right: It's basically an adult version of your favorite childhood cereal.

Eat up nature's chocolate chips in these 3 healthy recipes
Photo: The Healthy French Wife

2. Salted peanut butter and cacao nib cookies

While your typical chocolate chip cookie isn't going to be the healthiest, this vegan and gluten-free version is a must-try. Using simple ingredients including almond meal, peanut butter, coconut oil, cacao nibs, and maple syrup for sweetness, they're melt-in-your-mouth good, just like the ones you grew up with.

Eat up nature's chocolate chips in these 3 healthy recipes
Photo: Earthy Andy

3. Creamy mint-chocolate vegan ice cream

This recipe gives the dairy-free dessert a green hue with baby spinach—not weird additives—and a chocolate kick from itty-bitty cacao nibs. And don't worry: Because it's made from cashews and coconut milk, it's just as creamy and satisfying as the traditional stuff.

Any cacao fan really needs to watch Chris Pratt adorably try to pronounce it. Or, try the coconut-cacao martini health coaches are obsessed with.

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