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These 7 Healthy Juices Taste Like Fall in a Bottle

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Photo: Pixabay/Ajale

Hold the pumpkin spice latte—there are plenty of other ways to sip on the flavors of fall. Seasonal favorites like pear, beets, and pomegranate are delicious just about any way you slice them (ha!), but if you don’t feel like cooking, you can still get your fix… in a juice bottle.

Sure, your go-to kale, cucumber, lemon, and ginger blend is a smart way to turbo-charge your day, but when carrots, apples, and fennel are being harvested en masse, it’s the perfect opportunity to change up your juice routine. And really, who can say no to in-season stone fruits, root vegetables, and other colder weather crops?

With cooler temperatures creeping in, juices fit for fall aren’t just about flavor, either. The right combination of nutrients can help keep you healthy throughout the dreaded cold and flu season. Need an immunity boost? Look for a bottle packed with vitamin C to help you fight off infection. Wanting to keep your skin hydrated and glowing as temperatures drop? It’s not all about your moisturizer—antioxidants like pomegranate help keep your complexion smooth during aggressively brisk weather.

Keep reading for seven bottled blends that are perfect for fall.

Photo: Project Juice
Photo: Project Juice

1. Project Juice’s Pomegranate Orange Juice

Super-ingredient: Pomegranate, a mega-source of antioxidants.

Sure, orange juice is the go-to for fighting off seasonal colds, but this blend is a bit more unexpected—and delicious. Plus, there’s coconut water for extra electrolytes—to fuel your workouts or help you recharge after a wild night out.

Photo: Pressed Juicery
Photo: Pressed Juicery

2. Pressed Juicery’s Wheatgrass & Yuzu Juice

Super-ingredient: Wheatgrass, packed with amino acids and healing properties.

Not familiar with yuzu? The Japanese citrus tastes a bit like a cross between a zesty grapefruit and a floral lime, which should definitely make the idea of sipping on wheatgrass go down just a little bit easier.

Photo: Juicense
Photo: Juicense

3. Juicense’s Autumn Pick Me Up Juice

Super-ingredient: Oranges, pineapples, and lemon—which provide some major vitamin C.

If  you’re holding on to summer vibes as long as you can, this juice will reel you into the autumn season slowly. With that kick of pineapple, consider it your seasonal primer.

Photo: Daily Greens
Photo: Daily Greens

4. Daily Greens’ Harmony Juice

Super-ingredient: Pears, a seasonal source of fiber and loads of different vitamins.

Harmony is an apt name for this juice, which blends unexpected veggies like fennel and celery (along with trusty kale) with fruity favorites like apple and pear. It also has ginger and lemon, which adds an immunity-boosting kick.

Photo: Natalie's Juice
Photo: Natalie’s Juice

5. Natalie’s Orange Cranberry Juice

Super-ingredient: Cranberries, a fall berry packed with phytonutrients and vitamin C.

This juice only has two ingredients: cranberries and oranges—an ingredients’ label doesn’t get cleaner than that! Often, simple really does taste best.

Photo: Forager Project
Photo: Forager Project

6. Forager Project’s Root Juice

Super-ingredient: Beets, a cool weather crop known to be a major immune booster—plus, their juice was long used as a cure for fevers.

Besides the red root vegetable, this juice is made with sweet potatoes, lemon, ginger, and turmeric, making it an inflammation-fighting powerhouse.

Photo: Suja
Photo: Suja

7. Suja’s Radiant Probiotic Juice

Super-ingredient: Collard greens, loaded with protein and calcium.

This bottled bev is packed with greens—besides collards, it has kale and spinach (as well as celery, cucumber, and fennel). Peppermint and apple sweeten it up just a tad, without upping the sugar content too much.

Another big bottled trend this fall? Drinking vinegars, which are mega-detoxifiers. And while you’re stocking up on fall’s biggest it-items, Lululemon’s latest collection is one that you’re not going to want to miss.

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