How to Give Yourself a Healthy Fall Reboot

September can be an extreme wakeup call—from turning off your OOO email notification to re-learning the intricacies of packing a healthy lunch. (So. Many. Decisions.)

But what if you had a personal health team to call in as backup? That’s the goal of Weight Watchers, whose new-and-improved mission is to help you quit worrying about the number on your scale, and start focusing on fueling your body the right way.

For real. With the Beyond the Scale program, you keep track of your food using the Smart Points system so it’s easy to make healthy choices without having to decode labels—but nothing is off limits (nope, not even chocolate).

You also get bonus points for workouts, plus access to tons of science-backed wellness tips to help you reap major feel-good benefits—like increased energy, more confidence, and generally feeling like a rockstar.

Ready to up your rockstar status? Click here to learn more. Hello, fall.

In partnership with Weight Watchers 

Top photo: Stocksy/Ian Pratt

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