The 10 Healthy Food Trends That Are Going to Be Huge in 2017

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Remember when you first discovered bone broth? Or kombucha? It was game-changing, right? Fortunately, the healthy food scene is always evolving (praise!), and there are constantly new trends to discover.

So what's emerging in a big way for 2017? Some are more mainstream than others—hello, inflammation-fighting foods—but incorporating all of them into your life will upgrade your nutrition, digestion, sleep, and mood in a major way. Oh, and don't forget your wellness cred, too.

Keep reading to see 10 big food trends you need to know now.

 Inflammation-fighting foods
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1. Inflammation-fighting foods

"Inflammation" was without a doubt the buzziest health word on Well+Good last year—and it's shaping up to be a trending topic for 2017, too. Sneaky food sources that cause it, new ways to cook with turmeric, crafting the perfect anti-inflammatory meal.... It's info everyone can benefit from.

 low-FODMAP diet
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2. The low-FODMAP diet

Leave it to Australian researchers to figure out that six different groups of short-chain carbohydrates are responsible for causing gut problems in millions of people (everything from bloating to more serious symptoms). Expect the term "FODMAP" to be what gluten was a few years ago: on everyone's radar.

foods for better sleep
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3. Eating for sleep

Whether it's experimenting with night smoothies or filling up on key foods for better zzz's, prepping meals with dozing off in mind is a main focus right now. It's no wonder Dirty Lemon and Torii Lab both recently released new tonics meant to help you dream a bit better.

biodynamic food trend
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4. Biodynamic food

Forget organic: The label you'll start noticing everywhere—from your box of granola to your bottle of wine—is "biodynamic."(Same goes for your beauty products.) The farming practice veers a bit into woo-woo territory, as seeds are planted and harvested according to the sun, moon, and planetary cycles, but it's also believed to be way more sustainable—and, according to some, nutrient-dense. Plus, biodynamic food is already influencer-endorsed.

80/20 diet
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5. The 80/20 diet

A slew of celebs (including Miranda Kerr and Olivia Munn) hopped on board the 80/20 diet train last year—and now countless others are following suit. But don't let the name fool you: At its ethos, it really just means filling 80 percent of your plate up with nutrient-dense food and 20 percent slightly less healthy. In other words, this diet could also be dubbed "balance."

cooking with CBD oil
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6. Food made with CBD oil

Prepare to take the concept of edibles to a whole new level. As more states legalize marijuana, foodies—especially health-obsessed ones—are exploring uses for the plant that go way beyond brownies. Look no further than food spiked with CBD, which is a little bit like taking a microdose of cannabis. As more people ditch their traditional meds, the holistic mood-altering herb is emerging as an option to help lower anxiety levels—without the giggles/munchies/paranoia that comes with, you know, actually getting high.

spirulina Blue-green algae
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7. Blue-green algae is the latest plant-based protein source

Hemp and pea protein are completely mainstreamed now, but blue-green algae (also called spirulina) is an amazing source that's still on the fringe. But not for long: It's already all the rage in Australia, where so many health trends are born, and stateside spots like Moon Juice and Juice Generation have already started experimenting with the serious superfood. And I mean super: it packs in more protein per gram than a steak.

Tom and Gisele's healthy eating plan
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8. Eating like Tom and Gisele

At first, people were skeptical of Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen's restrictive eating plan. But after diving into their $200 cookbook and seeing that they actually do eat dessert, the Tom and Gisele diet is officially a thing. Even if going all-Gisele-all-the-time isn't an option, incorporating basics (like using coconut oil exclusively to cook, and Himalayan pink salt over regular table salt) is a great start.

Fat bombs
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9. Fat bombs for dessert

Yes, you probably should be avoiding sugar—but no one said you have to give up dessert. It just requires eating a little smarter. Cue the ketogenic diet, in which fat replaces glucose as the body’s primary source of energy. That means high-protein, low-sugar fat bombs (i.e. balls filled with good-for-you ingredients like coconut or avocado) that are ridiculously delicious. Healthy fats for the win!

Drinking Vinegars
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10. Drinking vinegars

Ready to go beyond kombucha? Brands like Suja, BluePrint, and Kevita are getting behind drinking vinegars—and for good reason. The health benefits are undeniable, and with flavors like cucumber-ginger, hibiscus, and ancho chile, it sure beats trying to knock back shots of ACV every a.m.

Speaking of food trends, here's what to expect to see at Whole Foods this year. And consider these 10 food hacks your eating healthy secret weapons.

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