The Healthy Baked Good a French Nutritionist Eats for Breakfast

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The quintessential French breakfast typically involves café au lait and a big flaky croissant. At least that's the stereotype. And yet, the truth is that the healthy food revolution has rocked France, too, which makes that stereotype rather démodé.

French singer-songwriter and fitness influencer Jess King recently told Well+Good that her go-to breakfast is typically a breakfast bowl with chia seeds. This doesn't mean healthy French eaters have given up pastries completely. First, they appreciate the fact that moderation is key, and second, just like healthy foodies elsewhere in the world, they know the value of smart substitutions.

French nutritionist Claire Power's vegan banana buckwheat breakfast cake is a prime example. Not only is it loaded with protein, it's nut-, egg-, dairy-, and gluten-free. (How's that for checking all the boxes?) "I am all about healthy recipes that are vegan but also lower in fat and sugar than normal recipes," Power says. "I want to create cakes that make me feel good and that are good for me while also being delicious and kid-friendly." She also adds that another one of her goals is to show how easy healthy eating can be.

Besides bananas—which are totally having a moment right now BTW—Power uses buckwheat flour, coconut milk, and a few smart sweeteners, such as maple syrup and vanilla. (Head to her site for the full recipe.) It may not be a flaky croissant, but this French breakfast pairs just as well with that café au lait.

Here's another healthy take on classic banana bread that's easy to master:


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