5 Make-Ahead Breakfast Recipes That’ll Maximize Your Summer Mornings

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You've had your summer plans set since the first sign of spring—hello, outdoor workouts and sunny-day self-care—and now, it's time to get out there and make that warm-weather magic happen. One way to take full advantage of the season: Get up early and make breakfast the night before, so you can tackle your #99DaysofSummer to-do list without delay.

The five recipes that follow are quick, easy, and healthy, helping you stay energized and beat the bloat. Add them to your meal-prep rotation, and breakfast will be one less thing you'll have to worry about in the a.m. Because when the sunshine is calling your name, even measuring ingredients into your blender seems like a major time suck.

Scroll down for 5 healthy, make-ahead breakfast recipes for busy summer mornings.

5 make-ahead breakfasts for busy summer days
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Clean, Green Granola Bars

These gluten-free, dairy-free bars will keep you full and energized for hours thanks to the healthy fat from the nuts and seeds, fiber from the oats, and all the vitamins and protein in the spirulina. Even better—Candice Kumai's recipe makes more than enough to share with friends. (Or not.)

5 make-ahead breakfasts for busy summer days
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Overnight Chia Oats with Coconut Yogurt

Overnight oats are a summer go-to when warm meals are less than ideal. This recipe by Deliciously Ella is next-level, thanks to yummy add-ins like chia seeds, coconut yogurt, and goji berries.

5 make-ahead breakfasts for busy summer days
Photo: A Beautiful Plate

Make-Ahead Smoothie Cups

Even though smoothies are a fast and healthy option on basically any day, getting the ingredients ready the night before will save you even more time. A Beautiful Plate outlines three refreshing recipes—and one genius hack for prepping the ingredients in glass jars.

5 make-ahead breakfasts for busy summer days
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Bloat-Free Breakfast Parfait

The key to feeling full (but not bloated) all day long? Loading up on good-for-your-gut foods with plenty of fiber and probiotics, like berries and yogurt.

5 make-ahead breakfasts for busy summer days
Photo: Healthy with Nedi

Gluten-Free Spinach Muffins

When you're craving something savory for brekkie, these muffins from Healthy With Nedi are the perfect treat—they're filling, but not heavy, and the protein will help you feel energized for hours. Whip up a batch on the weekend and you're set for breakfast all week.

Speaking of breakfast, here are 7 more quick recipes that will help prevent bloat. And this a.m. staple might even reduce your risk of heart disease.

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