Cooking Lunch While WFH Is the Actual Worst—So I Tried This Comfort Food-Inspired Meal-Delivery Service

It's 2 p.m. on a Tuesday, and despite sitting 10 feet away from my kitchen, I have not yet eaten lunch. While I may be a better writer when I'm under the pressure of a deadline (that's what I tell myself at least), the same does not hold true for when I'm under-fed.

What happens next is usually one of two things: 1. I'll throw together something quick that leaves me feeling very unsatisfied, or 2. I put on my metaphorical chef's hat and use my next precious 30-ish minutes to actually cook something delicious.

Option two is more ideal—and don't get me wrong, when I first switched to WFH a year ago, I really enjoyed cooking myself a midday meal. But now, the novelty has long worn off, and making myself lunch has become just another to-do list item that often features me running back and forth between the stove and my laptop (hey, at least I get some steps in?).

Why don't I just order from an app, you ask? My bank account and I have been down that dangerous path before, and we'd like to remain on the straight-and-narrow going forward, thank you very much. Plus, while ordering delivery might be delicious, it's not always easy to find health-forward options that also taste good (and don't drain my food budget).

Needless to say, I was thrilled when I found something that looked like it would check all of those boxes: Snap Kitchen, a healthy meal delivery service that sends flavorful, nutrient-dense, prepared meals right to your door. Naturally, I had to try it.

Here's what happened when I tried a healthy meal delivery service to break out of my lunchtime slump.

1. My lunches are healthy and delicious

I'll be honest, as someone who's previously worked at food publications, I was skeptical that a healthy meal delivery service that comes through on convenience could also deliver on taste. But let me tell you, Snap Kitchen does it—the meals are. So. Good.

I ordered six meals and tried everything from Hot Honey Chicken Tenders to Pesto Shrimp to Beef Satay. My personal fave was Almond Crusted Salmon, but each dish was equally flavorful and fresh. And though many of the meals are comfort-food inspired (contributing to their OMG-yum flavor), none left me feeling sluggish in the second half of my workday.

Snap Kitchen also makes it easy to curate meals that fit your personal eating preferences, including gluten-free, keto-friendly, soy-free, paleo, or low-carb. I'm personally allergic to eggs, but had no issue choosing meals without them.

2. I got my WFH lunchtime back

Getting pre-portioned, ready-to-eat meals delivered to my doorstep means less grocery shopping, meal-prepping, and planning. Even as someone who objectively loves these things (when I have time), I did not miss the long line at Trader Joe's.

The most time-consuming task was picking which meals to order for the week—and that's because they all looked so yummy, it was hard to choose. Once I had them, the meals took roughly one to two minutes to microwave, which meant no more mad dashes back and forth to my computer.

3. My meals are anything but boring

Snap Kitchen also makes it super easy to get creative with your meals. Personally, I'm not one to take the time to cook a fancy almond-crusted salmon dish from scratch, so I loved that these meals were restaurant-quality without spending the time or energy.

Plus, the single-serving sizes allowed me to eat whatever I was craving without having to buy grocery-store portions that would lock me into eating the same thing for a week. In short, it hooked me up with fewer boring leftovers and more YOLO-level eats. Now, if you'll excuse me, it's time for—a seriously mouthwatering—lunch.

Does a delicious, healthy meal delivery service sound like your kind of thing? Use code SNAPWELL for $60 off ($12 off over five weeks of boxes). 

Top photo: Snap Kitchen

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