These Healthy, High-Protein Muffins Are Basically Like a Full Breakfast in One Little Package

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Morning glory muffins that will keep you full 'til lunch, coming right up.

Muffins are the closest thing to eating cupcakes for breakfast. (In a very good way, though.) However, eating a blueberry, raisin bran, or chocolate chip banana muffin in the a.m., while delicious, doesn't always translate into day-long energy. That's why Mia Rigden and Jenny Dorsey—hosts of Well+Good’s Alt-Baking Bootcamp—donned their chef's caps to dream up a healthy morning glory muffin recipe that will keep you energized until lunch, without sacrificing flavor.

"I love on a Sunday morning, going to the coffee shop and getting a morning muffin," says Rigden. "But most of the muffins we get in the coffee shop or at the grocery store are loaded with excess sugar and processed oils, and aren't always going to make you feel that great. So we've decided to make a new version of our favorite morning glory muffin that's going to pack a nutritional punch and make your feel really good all day long."

Said nutritional punch comes from the fact that Rigden and Dorsey's recipe contains a source of fat, protein, and fiber, the trio you need at breakfast to avoid nap time 11 a.m. Fat, in this case, comes from coconut milk. Meanwhile, the fiber—which is slow digesting to keep your body feeling fuller, longer—comes from three plant sources: zucchini, applesauce, and spinach. And finally, the protein hails from almond flour, which as we've discovered on previous episodes of Alt-Baking Bootcamp, contains double the protein of run-of-the-mill white flour.

All of these components add up to a muffin that pairs perfectly with your morning cup of coffee without setting you up to need a second cup (and a third... and a fourth). That sounds like a first-thing win to me. To get in on the goodness for yourself, check out Rigden and Dorsey's full recipe.

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