8 Healthy Snacks You Can Stash in Your Office Desk Drawer

Photo: Instagram/@kindsnacks

When you're at home, whipping up a healthy and tasty snack isn't exactly rocket science: All you need to make your munching dreams come true is an avocado or some fresh fruit. The office is not your personal Zen den, however...no matter how many diffusers and mood-boosting tiny plants you place on your desk. At your nine-to-five home, you have to get somewhat creative with your snacking options since leaving your avos or Siggi's yogurt in the communal office fridge makes them ripe for low-key thievery.

But being snack-less is not an option. (No one likes being hangry, after all.) These are healthy Well+Good–approved options that you can keep in your desk drawer for those midday (or early-day, or late-afternoon...) slumps when you need an energy boost.

Scroll below to see the tasty snack selection below.

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