Never Skip Breakfast Again With This Easy, Healthy Post-Workout Meal

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Brunch typically involves sky-high stacks of pancakes, bagels slathered with cream cheese, breakfast burritos, and unlimited mimosas—satisfying in the moment, sure, but hard to stomach after a difficult workout. But what if I told you there's a healthy post-workout meal that's just as good and better for you?

After Ellie Bullen of Elsa’s Wholesome Life finishes an exercise, she seeks a meal that's going to nourish her body. And while she loves homemade vegan fried eggs and colorful smoothie bowls, nothing tops her Plant Power Bowl loaded with muscle-building plant protein.


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"It's one of my favorite filling breakfasts—well kinda more like a breakfast and lunch or 'brunch,' as I like to have my first meal between 10am and 12pm after a coffee, workout, and some work," she writes on Instagram. "It's packed with plant protein, healthy fats, unrefined carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and lots of fiber."

Sounds like a winner, right? And the ingredients in this power bowl are simple. For the ultimate meal, she combines baked cinnamon pumpkin, kale, quinoa, a tofu scramble, avocado, hemp seeds, sprouts, almond feta, and a sweet and creamy maple and tahini sauce. Now she's only missing one thing: a delicious mocktail to round out her healthy brunch.

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