This Matcha-Boosted Frappé Has Protein, Greens, and Caffeine, All in One Drink

Photo: VeggieKins
Sipping a kale-packed drink once a day has a way of making you feel glow-y from the inside, out. But if you're starting to experience smoothie fatigue so severe that even a teaspoon of Emmy Rossum-approved monk fruit doesn't turn your head, it might be high-time to remix—or, in this case, re-blend—your creamy pick-me-up. So ready your respective Vitamixes, NutriBullets, etc., because we found a nutrient-dense frappé worth breaking up with your Starbucks order over.

Remy Park, also known as @veggiekins on Instagram, recently shared a triple-threat beverage that includes oh-so many antioxidants (thanks, matcha!) and 20 grams of protein (you go, protein powder)—plus, it's 100 percent vegan. So to get in on the frothy cup of goodness for yourself, just throw 1 cup of ice, 1-2 cups of non-dairy milk, 1 serving of matcha, and 1 scoop of your protein powder of choice (Park is partial to the Amazing Grass' Protein & Kale mix) straight into the blender. Once the consistency is creamy, cloud-like perfection, pour your creation into a tall glass and top it off with an optional dollop of coconut whipped cream, the plant-based blogger instructs.

"This isn’t a meal but it’s a great way to get protein, greens, and caffeine in one refreshing drink." —Remy Park, the blogger behind @veggiekins

"When I’m busy I like throwing a bunch of things in my blender and making it nutrient-dense so at least nutrition is one less thing to think about," she writes in the caption. (Same, same.) "This isn’t a meal but it’s a great way to get protein, greens, and caffeine in one refreshing drink."

In other words, when the afternoon slump comes knocking, just ask, "Would you like (coconut) whipped cream with that?"

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