A Registered Dietitian Shares Her 5 Favorite Dinners To Make With Potatoes

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IMHO, there are few meals that aren't improved by the addition of potatoes. Scrambling eggs for breakfast? Hash takes it to the next level. Grilling veggie burgers? Air fryer French fries are a must. The root vegetable is also one of the cheapest foods in the entire grocery store and stays good for a long time, both of which definitely makes them a win in my book.

Just in case you've heard rumors that potatoes aren't healthy, registered dietitian Kara Lydon, RD, is setting the record straight, spreading the news that that's a complete fallacy. "Potatoes can get a bad rep but they are actually a nutrient-dense food," she says. Lydon says that potatoes are a particularly good source of vitamin B6 (which is important for brain health and also may help improve mood) as well as vitamin C (which supports the immune system).

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"If eaten with the skin on, potatoes pack in more potassium than a banana and provide a source of fiber," Lydon adds. "And let's also not forget that potatoes serve as a carbohydrate source and carbohydrates are our body and brain's preferred source of energy."

If you want to prep your taters the way a registered dietitian does, look no further. Here, Lydon shares five healthy recipes with potatoes that she likes making for dinner.

Keep reading to see 5 healthy recipes with potatoes that are dietitian-approved

potato salad
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1. Roasted potato salad with egg and herb vinaigrette

Even though carbs are beneficial (and delicious), any truly balanced meal also needs protein, fiber, and healthy fats—and all those nutrient buckets are covered in this one dish. Besides the potatoes, eggs and olive oil are both major ingredients in this salad—providing lots of additional health benefits and flavor.

Get the recipe: Roasted potato salad with eggs and herb vinaigrette

Watch the video below to see why eggs are so good for you:


potato nachos
Photo: Kara Lydon

2. Roasted potato nachos

Is your mind completely blown by the idea of registered dietitian-approved potato nachos? Here, the potatoes serve as the "chips," and they're topped with fiber- and protein-rich beans, veggies, and cheese. One vegetable Lydon uses here that many don't often think of for nachos is spinach: It mixes in perfectly and ups the fiber and iron in the dish even more.

Get the recipe: Roasted potato nachos

healthy recipes with potatoes
Photo: Kara Lydon

3. Swiss chard potato chive frittata 

What's great about a frittata is that you can throw pretty much any veggies from your crisper (or freezer) in it and it will taste delicious—a great way to use whatever is on the brink of going bad. Greek yogurt is used in place of cream, upping the already considerable protein count.

Get the recipe: Swiss chard potato chive frittata

healthy recipes with potatoes
Photo: Kara Lydon

4. Slow cooker potato leek soup

Like potatoes, leeks are also rich in vitamin C, and they have the added benefit of also having vitamin A, K, and folate (which are great for cardiovascular, eye, and nervous system health). They also happen to pair perfectly with tubers. Like the frittata, this recipe also makes smart use of Greek yogurt for texture and protein. Up the protein even more by adding chicken or white beans.

Get the recipe: Slow cooker potato leek soup

nicoise salad
Photo: Kara Lydon

5. Pantry staple Niçoise salad

Even though Niçoise salad may sound fancy, it actually doesn't require any specialty items to make. All you need besides the potatoes and greens are eggs, tuna, and black olives. The dressing is equally simple, made with white wine vinegar, olive oil, Dijon mustard, garlic, salt, and pepper.

Get the recipe: Pantry staple Niçoise salad

Bonus recipe: Watch the video below to see how to make a one-pot vegan shepherd's pie, featuring potatoes:

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