20 Healthy Salty Snacks That Totally Hit the Spot When You’re Hangry

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Just like a sweet tooth sends you looking for all the chocolate in your cupboard, a yearning for something salty can be pretty hard to shake. (Hi, salty tooth.) Yet, salt doesn't always get the greatest rap health-wise. (In short: Consuming too much sodium has been linked to high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke, so it's very important to be mindful of your overall consumption.)

That said, it isn't always better to just avoid it altogether. "Our bodies do need some salt, but too much sodium can lead to high blood pressure," says registered dietitian Jenna Gorham, RD. The key is making sure you don't go over the recommended sodium intake (1,500 milligrams a day, according to the American Heart Association).

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Ahead, we delve into 20 of the best healthy salty snacks that are packed with a bevy of nutritional benefits while keeping the sodium content low. Best part? You can make a number of these options at home and all of these snacks travel well, so grab a baggie and get ready to fill 'er up.

15 healthy salty snacks to make at home

healthy potato chips
Photo: The Spruce Eats

Baked Potato Chips

What is an ideal healthy salty snack to replace chips? Well, chips, but the homemade kind. If you really love that snap, crackle, pop of some potato chips, this recipe by The Spruce Eats is for you. Made with just potatoes, olive oil, and salt, it still has everything you want from a classic potato chip, but only better.

Get the recipe: Baked Potato Chips

salted peas
Photo: Lemon and Basil

Salted Roasted Green Peas

These little salted peas by Lemon and Basil are the perfected savory, crunchy snack. Pro tip: Cooking them in coconut oil adds just a touch of sweetness that your tastebuds will love.

Get the recipe: Salted Roasted Green Peas

salted pita chips
Photo: Two Peas In Their Pod

Homemade Pita Chips

Three ingredients and 15 minutes are all you need to make a batch of these salted pita chips by Two Peas In Their Pod. Just grab some hummus and you're good to go.

Get the recipe: Homemade Pita Chips

Jalapeño Cornbread Muffins

Muffins don't have to be sweet. For something savory and salty in the form of a warm baked good, try these gluten- and dairy-free muffins from our very own Alt-Baking Bootcamp that are just begging for a side of chili.

Get the recipe: Jalapeno Cornbread Muffins

Nut-Free Granola

Similar to muffins, granola is often thought of as sweet but can be given a savory twist, too. This recipe featured in Alt-Baking Bootcamp is loaded with protein-rich ingredients including hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, and chia seeds. Turmeric, orange zest, and a touch of sea salt give them plenty of flavor.

Get the recipe: Nut-Free Granola

sweet potato fries
Photo: Sweet Potato Soul

Sweet Potato Fries

If salty foods are your jam, chances are that you love a hot serving of fries. When they're baked, it can actually be a nutrient-rich snack. Sweet potatoes are full of fiber, potassium, and vitamin A. This recipe by Sweet Potato Soul also includes instructions for making three different types of sauces: chipotle aioli, avocado wasabi, and tamarind ketchup.

Get the recipe: Sweet Potato Fries

trail mix cookies
Photo: Jessica In The Kitchen

Chewy Trail Mix Cookies

Trail mix cookies? A vision. This recipe by Jessica In The Kitchen is vegan and gluten-free, so a wide-range of eaters can enjoy them, and a perfect snack for when you're out and about.

Get the recipe: Chewy Trail Mix Cookies 

seaweed snack
Photo: Dora Daily

Seaweed Chips

Seaweed is chock full of nutrients including calcium, iodine, vitamin A, and vitamin C, making it one very healthy snack. See how to make your own with Dora Daily's easy recipe that calls for just nori, sesame oil, and a touch of salt.

Get the recipe: Seaweed Chips

healthy salty cheese crackers
Photo: Brendid

Homemade Cheese Crackers

Salty, crunchy, cheesy—this simple snack checks off so many boxes. Unlike most of the cheese crackers you'll find at the grocery store, this recipe by Brendid is completely free of additives, preservatives, or other artificial ingredients. So, how can I increase my salty taste without salt, you may be wondering? Well, this recipe calls for just a teaspoon of salt, which may not sound like much, but you'll find that this recipe isn't lacking in the flavor department whatsoever, thanks to the umami-rich cheese.

Get the recipe: Homemade Cheese Crackers

healthy salty chips
Photo: A Spicy Perspective

Baked Carrot Chips

Keeping with Gorham's advice, this snack from A Spicy Perspective involves adding a pinch of salt (one teaspoon) to something that's inherently healthy: carrots. The recipe is also one of the best anti-inflammatory snacks thanks to spices like cumin and cinnamon, which  add a depth to the flavor and health benefits to the mix.

Get the recipe: Baked Carrot Chips

salty energy bites
Photo: Don't Waste The Crumbs

Sweet-Salty Energy Bites

Looking for the best pre-workout snack? Say no more. We've got a snack that does both: This recipe by Don't Waste The Crumbs will satisfy your hankering for when you're craving salty foods while simultaneously powering your workout. Made with peanut butter, oats, and milled flaxseed, they're packed with protein. Wondering where the salt comes into play? Ground up pretzels, which adds a satisfying crunch to each creamy bite.

Get the recipe: Sweet-Salty Energy Bites

healthy salty trail mix
Photo: Love and Zest

Sweet and Salty Trail Mix

It's the perfect balance of sweet and salty that make trail mix a classic snack. Salted peanuts and salted almonds are included in this dietitian-approved recipe by Love and Zest to hit the salty notes, and raisins, cinnamon, and coconut flakes are also in the mix to add a bit of sweetness to round out the flavors. Pro tip: You can include chocolate chips too, just go for dark chocolate for an extra boost of longevity-boosting power.

Get the recipe: Sweet and Salty Trail Mix

salty roasted chickpeas
Photo: Creative Healthy Family

Sweet and Salty Roasted Chickpeas

Making high fiber snacks is easy with this recipe by Creative Healthy Family. Add a boost of protein to your salty snack by roasting spiced-up chickpeas in the oven for half an hour. Besides salt, this recipe calls for cinnamon and a touch of maple syrup, so it works to quell a sweet tooth, too. Sweet and savory bean snacks? Count us in.

Get the recipe: Sweet and Salty Roasted Chickpeas

healthy salty popcorn
Photo: A Sweet Pea Chef

Sea Salt Popcorn

This recipe by A Sweet Pea Chef ditches the microwave and calls for stovetop popped corn kernels, sea salt, Parmesan cheese, coconut oil, olive oil, and parsley. It's a step beyond just your basic popcorn-in-a-bag recipe, and the taste is more elevated, too. Think movie theater popcorn, IYKYK. Plus, this is one of the best low-carb vegan snacks on the list!

Get the recipe: Sea Salt Popcorn 

hummus bites
Photo: Sinful Nutrition

Savory Hummus No-Bake Energy Bites

The winning combo of salt and chickpeas strike again, only this time, instead of being roasted, the legumes are blended up and transformed into creamy hummus... and then turned into energy balls in this recipe by Sinful Nutrition. If you find that the dash of salt in the recipe isn't enough, you can always opt for salted, roasted seeds for some extra umami.

Get the recipe: Savory Hummus No-Bake Energy Bites

5 healthy salty snacks you can buy under $5

Don't have time to make your own snack? No problem. Here are five healthy salty snacks that meet Gorham's requirements on still being nutrient-rich while hitting the spot and laying low on the sodium.

from the group up snack
Photo: From The Ground Up
From The Ground Up Cauliflower Crackers (6 pack) — $22.00

Made with cauliflower, you get more fiber than you would with these crackers than ones made with traditional white flour. There’s also two grams of protein per serving from lentil flour and cassava.

Ingredients: cauliflower, potato, whole grain rice, cassava, cassava starch, rice flour, potato flakes, RSPO palm oil, oat flour, sugar, natural flavors, maltodextrin, salt, paprika, baking soda, onion, garlic, vegetable blend (spinach, broccoli, carrot, tomato, beet, shiitake mushroom), rosemary extract, lactic acid


  • Gluten-free Non-GMO Vegan


  • Not grain-free
pretzel twists
Photo: Whole Foods
365 by Whole Foods Market Organic Pretzel Twists — $8.00

If you love pretzels but are trying to keep your sodium intake in check, go for ones that are unsalted, like this. They’re made with just four organic ingredients.

Ingredients: organic wheat flour, organic expeller pressed soybean oil, organic malted barley flour


  • USDA Organic Kosher Vegan


  • Not gluten-free Contains wheat
wasabi peas
Photo: Medley Hills Farm
Medley Hills Farm Hot Wasabi Green Peas — $13.00

Want your snack to have a little kick to it? These wasabi green peas bring the heat. Peas are also an excellent source of protein, making this snack a great mid-day energy booster.

Ingredients: Green peas, glutinous rice flour, corn starch, sugar, salt, soybean oil, wasabi, Yellow 5 & Blue 1


  • Vegan


  • May contain traces of peanuts and other tree nuts Contains added food coloring
pipcorn corn dippers
Photo: Pipcorn
Pipcorn Corn Dippers (3 pack) — $32.00

It’s your favorite bag of Fritos reimaged to be even better. The only ingredients you’ll find on the label are heirloom corn, sunflower oil, and sea salt.

Ingredients: stone ground heirloom corn, sunflower oil, sea salt


  • Vegan Made with heirloom white corn 100 percent whole grain Gluten-free Non-GMO Contains fiber


  • Moderate sodium content
lesser evil popcorn healthy salty snacks
Photo: Lesser Evil
LesserEvil Himalayan Pink Salt Organic Popcorn (Pack of 24) — $15.00

What is the healthiest bagged snack? Popcorn is a classic healthy salty snack that’s definitely at the top of the list. What sets this brand apart from the rest is that it’s organic and made with Himalayan pink salt.

Ingredients: organic non-GMO popcorn, organic coconut oil, Himalayan salt


  • USDA Organic Gluten-free Kosher Vegan


  • Low protein

Whether you want to make your own snack or buy one, there are plenty of healthy salty snack options to choose from that aren't overloaded with sodium. Everything on the lists here are more nutrient-rich than your typical vending machine fare and taste a heck of a lot better too. It's a snacktime win-win!

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