11 Bedtime Rituals of the Healthiest People on Earth

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People who reside in longevity hotspots, like Costa Rica, Greece, and Japan, have consistently proven that whatever they're doing works big-time. And the cultural secrets of those living in these so-called Blue Zones are secrets no more. Staying naturally active, living life with purpose, or simply drinking a glass of red wine every day—what's not to like? Not all day-to-day activities are created equal, but according to Blue Zoners, an evening routine with healthy sleep habits is high on the list.

Blue Zone's website says sleep is incredibly important for your overall health and well-being. To get 7 to 8 hours of quality rest every night like your BZ heroes, you can survey your pre-bedtime ritual for the following criteria.

The 11 healthy sleep habits for Blue Zone-approved slumber

1. You know your "snore score."
2. You have to have a cozy mattress and pillows.
3. Your room is cooled to the proper temperature (65°F!).
4. You dim the lights an hour before bed.
5. No light disrupts your sleep (looking at you, digital alarm clocks)
6. You own light-blocking window shades or an eye mask
7. No electronics. That means your computer, TV, and cellphone should all be out of the room.
8. Your phone counts! Your phone's not allowed!
9. You have a lavender plant or lavender essential oil next to your bed.
10. Your windows are double-paned or you've made other efforts to block noise from interrupting your REM.
11. You only use the bedroom for sleep and sex.

Pssst, you can also see how your sleep hygiene stacks up with an online quiz. Depending on your score, you'll see what it'll take to start transforming your routine for the better. Even by making some small changes to your healthy sleep habits, you'll be sleeping like a baby again—and you'll be feeling like a new person because of it.

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