35 Hacks to Keep You Healthy While Traveling on Your Next Vacay

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Once upon a time, jetsetting was a stress-free, downright luxe experience (read: no security, baggage restrictions, or 3.4 ounce maximums to cramp your style). But nowadays, it takes a little—okay, a lot of extra effort to keep your wellness game strong whilst navigating your travel itinerary. From celeb-approved mile-high hacks to flight attendant-approved must-dos to quick meditation rituals that'll soothe your pre-flight jitters, healthy adventuring requires pulling out all the stops.

Fear not, wanderlusters. Below, you'll find a praise hands-worthy guide for boarding in style, bossing your fitness routine on-the-go, and keeping your diet up to its usual, A-plus standards. Oh—and some killer strategies for making the most out of your next vacay to boot.

Scroll down for 35 (yep, 35) must-reads that totally re-define "healthy" travel.

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1. Take a cue from these 11 wellness pros for maintaining your fitspo on the road.

2. Heal your aching feet with this massage therapist-approved hack.

3.  Travel with compression socks, just like this master SoulCycle instructor.

4. Emulate all of Candice Kumai's *brilliant* travel hacks (hint: matcha mile high club).

5. Dispel inflammation with Kumai's tried-and-true travel tips.

6. Stock up on the beauty products buzzy trainer Charlee Atkins never travels without.

7. Take a page from Adriana Lima and pack this *one* piece of workout equipment.

8. Try one of these (kinda crazy) rituals celebs due whilst globe-trotting.

9. Jetset Lea Michele-style by packing these 7 musts in your carry-on.

10. Pack one of these gut-friendly snacks for healthy digestion on board.

11. Sign up for post-flight cryo sesh, which Hannah Bronfman swears by.

12. Find a healthy bite at the airport using these three tips from the founders of Tone It Up.

13. Don't forget to add this one, stain-fighting sample to your packing list.

14. Copy Athleta's CMO and travel with one (yep, just one) shoulder bag.

15. Munch on Mandy Moore's protein-packed plane snack.

hydration hacks from a flight attendant
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16. Stay hydrated with these 3 flight-attendant-endorsed tips.

17. Wanderlust in style with Natalie Uhling's ultimate packing list.

18. Follow these tips for minimalist-approved packing.

19. Check out the 3 rituals Jordan Younger always does to stay sane while traveling.

20. Take your pick of these 10 wellness-approved hacks for healthy travel.

21. Land with *glowing* skin courtesy of these beauty pro tips from Miranda Kerr and Cate Blanchett.

22. Fuel up on Karlie Kloss' favorite, pre-flight brekky.

23. Bid goodbye to jetlag (forever) with these genius hacks.

24. Adventure like Elle Macpherson with her top tips for staying in jet-setting shape.

25. Try Kelsey Patel's 3-minute trick for quelling a fear of flying.

26. Snack on the 8 options that health food pros *actually* eat while they travel.

Healthy travel snacks from wellness pros
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27. Follow these 8 rules that every healthy traveler should keep in her back pocket.

28. Use this data to keep the good vibes flowing between you and your seatmate.

29. Stretch it out in the midst of a bonkers travel schedule, like Gigi Hadid.

30. Follow these RD-approved strategies for eating healthy at the gate.

31. Treat your next flight like a rejuvenating workout.

32. Use this homeopathic remedy to cure your post-flight muscle cramps.

33. Download this (free!) app that will let you skip the line at customs.

34. Read up on the 16 things Melissa Eckman always packs in her suitcase.

35. Find out which crystals can keep the good vibes flowing while you're on the go.

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