Step up Your Guacamole Game With These 8 Mind-Blowing Recipes

Photo: Cookie and Kate

You know guac costs extra—and whether it's Cinco de Mayo or just your average Wednesday, you're willing to throw down every time.

Which means that, while the fatty (in a good way) fruit tastes delicious when it's just mashed up and seasoned with salt, pepper, and lemon juice, you're definitely ready to take the good-for-you dip to next-level status.

Rounded up here are healthy guac recipes with an unexpected twist. Whether it's adding in super-berries (goji + guac = love) or making yours Indian-style, prepare to up your chip game.

Here are eight brilliant guac recipes to help you shake things up.

Mango lime guacamole
Photo: Love and Lemons

1. Guac twist: Mango & goji

Opposites attract—especially when it comes to sweet and spicy. In this recipe, mango and goji berries add a sweet, tangy touch to an otherwise fiery dish. Bonus: Your friends will want to know what that magic ingredient is.

Green spirulina cilantro guacamole
Photo: Naturally Sassy

2. Guac twist: Spirulina

As the only plant that contains all essential amino acids, spirulina is a serious source of protein—no al pastor taco order necessary. Who says the magical algae is reserved for unicorn food only?

Mint guacamole
Photo: Bonnie Savage

3. Guac twist: Mint 

Pro tip: Adding mint automatically elevates your guac, making the dip taste even fresher than usual. Plus, who doesn't love an ingredient you can pick up at the farmers' market?

Avocado-free guacamole
Photo: Chocolate Covered Katie

4. Guac twist: No avocados

Wait, guacamole without the avocado? It's not sacrilege—at least, not when it tastes this good. If you're allergic to the fruit or just can't stomach spending $3 a pop, swap in asparagus, which is just as delicious and slightly heartier.

Healthy green guacamole
Photo: Cookie + Kate

5. Guac twist: Kale

Talk about a genius way to get your greens. The kale in this dish is blended super finely, so that it doesn't overpower the star (avocado, natch).

Greek salad guacamole
Photo: Minimalist Baker

6. Guac twist: Kalamata olives

Guacamole may be a Mexican staple, but add in some olives, sun-dried tomatoes, and parsley and suddenly you've got a Greek-inspired dip that could replace your hummus habit.

Curry pea guacamole
Photo: Nutrition Stripped

7. Guac twist: Curry powder

If going Greek isn't your thing, you can spice up your guac—literally—with curry powder for a delicious, Indian-inspired take. Bonus: This spread can double as the "sauce" on cauliflower crust pizza.

Pomegranate guacamole
Photo: Cookie and Kate

8. Guac twist: Pomegranate seeds

Not only does this dip look good, but the so-weird-it-works ingredient combo tastes delicious too. Think jalapenos, pomegranate seeds, and feta—a little spicy, a little salty, a little sweet, a little smooth, a little crunchy, and a lot tasty.

If you have some leftover avocados, mix up this avo-margarita. And if you're eating at Chipotle, you'll want to memorize this guide to healthy menu hacks.

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