Upgrade Your Afternoon Snack Routine With This Delicious, Stress-Fighting Veggie Dip

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Looking for a delicious snack that fights stress while you eat? Watch the video for the recipe.

Given the consequences of chronic stress on overall health, it might be wise to add "chill the f**k out" to your new year's resolutions for 2020. (Especially given that it's an election year...) While you may have a few go-to tactics for battling modern life's greatest wellness enemy, there's one key element you're likely overlooking: food. In the latest episode of our YouTube series Plant Based, herbalist, holistic health coach, and Supernatural founder Rachelle Robinett shares a superfood snack you can stress-eat with abandon when times get tough.

In the video, Robinett walks us through her go-to recipe for a veggie dip that features what she calls a "perfect combination of stress-busting tactics." It's infused with three adaptogenic herbs that help the body, well, adapt to stress: ashwagandha, rhodiola, and ginseng. "Ashwagandha is known primarily for calmness, stability, and normalizing cortisol levels," she says. "Rhodiola, which is one of my clients' favorite herbs, is something that helps to promote calm, stability, and is supportive of mood.' Ginseng, meanwhile, helps reinvigorate waning "life force" and promotes better circulation, she says.

It's not just the herbs that make this dish ideal for stressful days. "The format of a thick vegetable dip is also perfect for stress because we tend to snack when we're stressed, and if you have something healthy to snack on... win," Robinett says.

Wanna know what other healing plant-based goodness goes into this creamy/salty/crunchy binge-worthy dip, which should definitely be kept desk-side throughout the new year? Watch the full video for the recipe. Happy snacking, y'all.

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