The Healthy Weeknight Dinner a Top Dietitian Makes in 6 Minutes or Less

Photo: Stocksy/Kristine Weilert
Getting a healthy weeknight dinner on the table is a constant struggle whether you're cooking for one or your whole family. In a perfect world, the fridge would be stocked full of pre-prepped proteins and veggies ready to heat and eat. But that doesn't always happen.

Keri Glassman, RD, relies on a three ingredient meal of grass-fed meatballs, marinara sauce, and spinach, which is ready to eat in just six minutes. Both the meatballs and the spinach can be found in the frozen food aisle, which has seriously become the new healthy hub of the supermarket. When choosing a marinara sauce, Glassman just says to be mindful of the sugar content.

To get this healthy weeknight dinner on the table, Glassman heats the meatballs on the stove while at the same time sautéeing frozen spinach in a separate pan. When the meatballs are almost done, she adds the marinara sauce to the spinach (or you can heat it up separately in a small pot, if you don't mind washing another dish later).

Even with just three ingredients, this healthy weeknight dinner is completely balanced and nutrient-dense. Meatballs are rich in protein and spinach provides plenty of fiber—both are high in iron. The marinara sauce adds antioxidants thanks to the tomatoes. Not too shabby for dinner in a rush (and on a budget).

Glassman proves wrong the belief that eating healthy requires an abundance of time and money. The frozen food aisle wins again.

Here's how a dietitian spends $30 at Trader Joe's:

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