3 Heavy Whipping Cream Substitutes That Serve As Dairy-Free Alternatives

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Heavy whipping cream is often a kitchen staple. From thickening up creamy pasta sauces and tasty bisques, to serving as the base for frozen ice creams and custards, the decadent dairy ingredient has a variety of uses that are all delicious. Unfortunately, it isn't the most inclusive option. It's a dairy product, which means it's not vegan or vegetarian friendly. It can also be tough on the gut. Especially for those with, um, sensitive stomachs, the extra cream can be suuuper tough to digest and can easily upset a fragile tummy.

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If you're looking for a heavy whipping cream substitute that's dairy-free but still delectable, look no further: Below are three heavenly alternatives that are all vegan and easy to whip-up in a pinch.

3 vegan heavy whipping cream substitutes to cook with

The Simple Veganista's Vegan Cream Recipe

Here's a two-ingredient recipe that uses only some raw cashews and water. "This basic, all-purpose, neutral-flavored vegan cream can be used as a substitute anywhere dairy creamer or heavy cream is called for," writes the recipe's author, Julie West, on her blog. "It’s a perfect replacement and works just as well, but is a whole food, plant-based option."

Coconut Milk ($2)

Chef Jamie Geller swears by coconut milk as a heavy whipping cream substitute. "It’s really as easy as shaking a can of full-fat coconut milk, opening it up and substituting measure for measure with the heavy cream in any recipe," she writes. And if you really want to DIY it, you can make your very own coconut milk at home using just four (yes, four) simple ingredients.

Silk Dairy-Free Heavy Whipping Cream ($6)

This plant-based heavy whipping cream substitute is free of dairy, gluten, and carrageenan, a thickening agent that may be harmful to human health. Even if you don't have a set recipe in mind, whip some up to dollop on top of dessert or scoop onto fruit.

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