The DIY Beauty Hack Helena Christensen Swears by for Smooth, Glowy Skin

Photo: Instagram/@helenachristensen
While plenty of wellness savvy women are supercharging their morning cups of coffee with add-ins like collagen, healthy fats, and adaptogens to help them get glowy skin, supermodel Helena Christensen has another genius way to incorporate the breakfast staple into her skin-care routine: She uses the buzz-inducing beans to create her own DIY exfoliator.

“It’s not weird to me, but some might think it’s peculiar that I use coffee grinds on my body,” she says. If you think about it, though, it's actually a pretty brilliant way to recycle the dregs from your daily French press (equal parts gritty and eco-friendly) because the acid and antioxidants in coffee can help fight inflammation and collagen breakdown when applied topically to the skin. (She also likes to smear fresh papaya on her body—its papain enzyme is a natural exfoliant, FYI). If you decide to try her trick at home, just be careful not to let the grounds run down your drain as they can clog your plumbing.

"It’s not weird to me, but some might think it’s peculiar."

Of course, natural body scrubs aren't the only thing Christensen credits for her glow. Although she reveals she hasn’t yet tried anything extreme in the name of beauty (“I probably will when I hit 80,” says the 48-year-old) she swears by supplements, specifically the hydrating beauty ones by Lumity. (She's an ambassador for the longevity line, BTW.) And she says she uses “several serums, oils, drops, and moisturizers, hoping the combination will have a magical outcome.” (Seems to be working.)

Her favorite potions are the Rejuvenating Mask from the professional's brand Nimue Skin Technology for instant hydration and Rodin Olio Lusso face oil. “I’ll often apply face masks when I’m at home working or cleaning, and I notice how my skin feels firm and glows afterward.” Filing this one under self-care #goals.

DIY scrubs aren't Christensen's only secret for amazing skin. She also credits pole dancing and grounding for giving her dermis an otherworldly glow.

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