This Is the Old School Beauty Ritual Supermodel Helena Christensen Swears By

Photo: Instagram/@helenachristensen
Danish beauty Helena Christensen is pretty crafty when it comes to her wellness habits. The supermodel makes her own coffee body scrub, bathes in mineral-rich bodies of water when she wants a full-body reset, and will even do ballet on a pole if she needs to fit in a sweat sesh (casual).

Unsurprisingly, the Dane's beauty routine gets even more holistic—Christensen's admittedly a fan of dry brushing, the ancient practice of using bristles to accelerate lymphatic drainage and circulation within the body.

“I love the Ionic Body Brush and Hope Body Oil 01 from Karmameju and use them both every day," she tells Vogue in a recent interview. "I give my skin a good brush through every morning and then use the oil in the morning after showering and sometimes before I go to bed.”

The body oil's full of skin-plumping fatty acids and enticing essential oils (think ylang ylang, jasmine, and sandalwood), but the true VIP of the scenario is the body brush that's got ionic powers—AKA it's not your everyday dry brush. The product description notes that the bristles are made with copper wire, which supposedly generate negative ions on your skin (which purportedly accelerates oxygen flow to your cells).

While we can't exactly support those claims, dry brushing itself has been used for thousands of years—so no wonder her complexion's runway-ready.

Other model-approved wellness habits include Kate Upton's habit of taking wheatgrass shots in her eyes (yes, really) and Miranda Kerr's cold shower routine

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