This Do-It-All Mist Will Leave Your Skin Instantly More Hydrated From Head to Toe—And It’s Only $11

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In the world of self-care, facial mists really do a long way. Sure, they're known for being super refreshing and hydrating, but giving your skin an instant dewy glow isn't their only super power. In fact, some can be a great source of antioxidants and can even help brighten and tighten your skin. But like with all skin-care products, their effectiveness is only as good as their ingredient list. That's part of the reason why the Heritage Store Facial Mist is considered the gold standard for giving your skin extra hydration.

What makes it stand out is its simple formula, which is a huge part of the Heritage Store's philosophy. The facial mist includes vegetable glycerin (a type of humectant that moisturizes your skin) and rose water. Rose water smells like, well, a bouquet of roses, and seems to be in just about everything these days (from shampoo to calming tea), but it's also a powerful ingredient to use on your skin. That's mainly because of its many anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, which can help soothe irritation and reduce redness.

Heritage Store Facial Mist
Heritage Store Facial Mist — $11.00

Spray liberally onto your face to help seal in moisture and soothe your skin’s texture.

Additionally, the facial mist uses damask rose oil to soften the skin, and Vor-Mag water, the brand's signature ingredient that's designed to help give you a mood boost. And while you can use it to treat your face to some much-needed moisture (especially in the dry, cold months), you can also use it as a primer or toner—it's really a super versatile spray, which is why we always keep a bottle in our bathroom cabinets at the ready.

I personally love to spray a few pumps on my face before bed after I apply moisturizer so that it locks in all that hydration. I also use it in morning right after I wash my face to prep my skin for the day (aka, before I apply makeup—it creates a more even canvas and can help with application). Overall, I've noticed an immediate difference in the brightness of the skin under my eyes and around my cheeks—probably because of the added infusion of moisture as well as the formula's anti-inflammatory benefits. Additionally, I love that this mist is not heavy (nor is its scent—which is still really lovely, IMHO) and my skin feels more and more supple after each application.

But don't take my word for it. With over 8,000 ratings and 1,400 five-star reviews, the Heritage Store Facial Mist is also a certified fan-favorite on Amazon. "I’ve been using this company and this specific product for years," one five-star shopper writes. "Mainly for my face when it’s dry or to soothe my eczema. Recently, I’ve been using it for my hair and OMG it’s amazing. I have really curly hair so when I find it’s drying out a little I end up spraying some and it gets its shine and bounce back." (While the mist is meant for skin, you can totally use it on hair if you'd like. Like we said, this stuff is versatile.)

Another shopper praised it for its moisturizing powers, writing, "I never thought of using glycerin and rose water alone as a moisturizer, but it has outperformed all creams and moisturizers I used to swear by," they explained. "I have very dry skin, and this keeps it hydrated all day. I use it on my face mainly; sometimes on my shoulders/back. It also works really well as a makeup setting spray!"

Whether you want to use it as final step in your skin-care routine or spray some on your face throughout the day for refreshment, this facial mist is a safe-bet for giving your skin some much-needed hydration and glow.

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