The Best High-Cut Sports Bras for Spinning Class to Keep You Supported

Photo: Soul Cycle | Well+Good Creative
Between the rhythm, the choreography, and the (hard AF) isolations, there's a whole lot to think about during spin class. One thought that shouldn't have to occupy your brain, though? Flashing your top half to the entire room while you're busy trying to tap it back to the beat.

As a front row fixture who is constantly worried about my girls falling out of my top, I can confirm firsthand that a spin class friendly sports bra has to go above and beyond the regular call of duty. In addition to keeping my melons from bouncing up, down, and all-around while I move to the music, it also needs to keep them secured while I ride.

This is something the instructors at SoulCycle are all too familiar with, especially considering that they're spinning on a platform in front a room full of riders. To solve the problem, the mega-spin studio partnered with Lululemon to create a line of seriously functional workout wear that includes a sports bra that covers the entire chest.

To develop the line, Lululemon invited a group of SoulCycle instructors to their HQ in Vancouver to test out the merch, and give feedback on exactly what they'd need to do a series of middle-bar pushups in peace. "I was mostly concerned not just with comfort—less pull on the straps but not having to compromise the support—but also for me feeling confident while teaching means not flashing my class with cleavage from the podium on a bike," says SoulCycle founding instructor Laurie Cole.

The result, after a series of intense research and test rides, was Cole's "most favorite sports bra" ever. "I love the support, the lack of overbearing tightness around the rib cage and straps, and yet it's totally comfortable and with enough coverage on my chest so I don't have to keep adjusting it throughout my class," she says.

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