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Raise Your BPMs to Brand-New Heights in This 20-Minute Killer HIIT Boxing Workout

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When you hear the term HIIT (that's high-intensity interval training), your mind might immediately jump to burpees, mountain climbers, and jump squats. That's one definition of HIIT, sure—but on this week's episode of Well+Good's Trainer of the Month Club, BoxUnion instructor Beth Gold shares how to work through a HIIT boxing workout that pulls no punches (if you know what I mean).

"Today, I'm going to be bringing you guys a 20-minute, HIIT shadowboxing class," says Gold at the top of class. "I love doing HIIT workouts and 20 minutes is really all you need. It's super efficient, super effective, and super fun." To get started, you'll need a nice perimeter around you as well as an optional pair of light dumbbells (two to five pounds—or two cans of soup—will do).

Scroll down for your 20-minute HIIT boxing workout

Round 1:

1. Boxer's stance: Come to standing with your feet a little more than hips' width distance apart. If you're right-handed, step your right foot back; if you're left-handed, step your left foot back. Bend your elbows to bring those fists up right in front of your face. Practice punching forward with both your dominant ("cross") and non-dominant hand ("jab").

2. Cross: Pivot your back foot forward, drop your back knee, and jab your dominant fist straight forward. Bring both fists back to protect your face, place your non-dominant foot next to your dominant one, and return to your boxer's stance once more.

3. Hook: From your boxer's stance, pivot your back foot forward, drop your back knee, and hook your dominant arm horizontally to the left as though you were aiming for your opponent's jaw. Make sure you're not leaning forward or back. Bring your hands back in front of your face, bring your non-dominant foot to join your dominant one, and return to your boxing stance for the next rep.

4. Uppercut: Once more, pivot your back foot forward while dropping your knee. At the same time, hook your dominant arm vertically so you could hit your imaginary opponent's jaw. Protect your face, touch your non-dominant foot to your dominant one, and come back to your stance.

5. Duck: Cup your hands in front of your face and duck to the right and left while you pivot from foot to foot. Imagine that someone's throwing punches—and you need to get out of the way.

6. Jab cross: Using the instruction you learned in steps one and two, alternate between jabbing and crossing to get your heart rate up—and fast.

7. Cross cross: Pivot from foot to foot to practice your crosses on both sides. Pretend like you're hitting someone's right and left cheekbones as you do so.

8. Upper cut upper cut: As you've done for the last couple of moves, keep shifting from side to side as you hook your elbow upward from below and hit your imaginary attacker's chin.

Watch the full video for all seven rounds of class.

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