The Hill House Nap Dress Is on Sale Early for Black Friday—But It’s Selling Fast

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Remember in 2020 when we all abandoned jeans, bought all the puzzles, baked all the banana bread, and solely wore leggings and nap dresses? We called this the "cottagecore" era, and while many of us found some way back to our pre-pandemic lives, the leggings and nap dress still remain in our wardrobes—as does anything with some good stretch or soft fabric (or preferably both). We've got a lot of great Black Friday sales for leggings coming our way (which we'll be sharing on the site, so stay tuned and bookmark us!), but the nap dress? *The* Nap Dress by Hill House Home is already on sale—so you better snag a few before they sell out.

The Hill House Black Friday sale started November 15 and ends on November 29, and the loungewear brand has slashed prices across the board. From the internet-famous Nap Dress, to luxurious pajamas, to frothy bathrobes, score apparel and accessories (like the Sisi Silk pillowcase and The Alice headband) for up to 50 percent off. We've also spotted a couple of sweaters we can see ourselves wearing from now until well into 2022. Or possibly forever. Ahead, we've curated the best of the best from Hill House's Black Friday sale.

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The best Black Friday deals from Hill House

ellie nap dress
The Ellie Nap Dress — $88.00

Originally $125, now $88

Available in 10 different colors and patterns (and they’re going fast—including this seasonal one in gorgeous emerald velvet), the Ellie Nap Dress won over hearts with its soft fabric, elasticated smocking which generally requires no bra, the signature frilly shoulders, and a tiered midi skirt. It’s statement-making in absolute comfort.

caroline nap dress
The Caroline Nap Dress — $80.00

Originally $100, now $80

The Ellie Nap Dress may get all the fame and glory, but The Caroline Nap Dress is just as cute, in a gothic Wendy Darling kind of way (you can pick from eight different colors and patterns, including this classic and a doll-like white that’s very pretty). This style is sheer, so many like to actually wear this one to bed or as a coverup by the pool—but this is your journey, so you do you.

desk sweater
The Desk Sweater — $140.00

Originally $175, now $140

This Pepto Bismol pink cardigan sweater is something we imagine Peggy Olson would wear in Season 1 of Mad Men, and we love it. Made of 100 percent wool, expect warmth, durability, and everlasting style. It’s the ruffles and diamond-embroidered pearl buttons for us.

house sweater
The House Sweater — $100.00

Originally $125, now $100

If you’re on the hunt for something a little more classic and versatile, we love this white cable knit cotton sweater that one packs when going on a woodsy vacation in rural Maine. (Or anywhere, really.) Designed to be loose-fitting and oversized, pair it with your favorite jeans or layer it over your Nap Dress.


quilt coat
The Quilt Coat — $120.00

Originally $150, now $120

This is the winter of the House Coat. No, really: We’ve already gushed about Lunya’s and West Elm x Offhours‘s house coats, and now our eyes are on Hill House’s Quilt Coat, which is delightfully on sale and looks just as plush. Inspired by bed jackets of the ’50s, the Quilt Coat is a quilted satin fabric that’s silky smooth and ideal to be worn inside on a chilly day.

paz top
The Paz Top — $53.00

Originally $75, now $53

The Paz Top is what would happen if you took scissors to the top half of the Ellie Nap Dress—same elastic bodice and ruffled shoulders, but with a peplum hem instead. Get it in six different colors and patterns.

The Women's Hotel Robe — $80.00

Originally $100, now $80

For the days you can’t even bother with the Nap Dress (it happens), we introduce you to the Hotel Robe. Cloak yourself in a this robe after you’ve showered and don’t want to do anything except scroll your Instagram feed, watch food prep TikTok, and maybe catch up on some prestige TV. Made from 100 percent organic cotton, this robe is ultra fluffy, absorbent, and begging to be paired with a mug of hot tea or cocoa.

teddy top
The Women's Teddy Top — $25.00

Originally $50, now $25

This Teddy Top (buy the Teddy Pants to match) is the image you see when you google “cozy.” Not really—but its tri-blend fleece material that’s lightweight yet toasty makes it one of the most snuggly items of clothing you’ll ever own.



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