If You’re Looking To Release Tight Hips, We Have You Covered With These 6 Short and Easy Videos 

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Some days our hips are doing the most. Whether we head out on a major run or spend a long day sitting at the computer, we tend to feel just about any activity (or lack thereof) big time in our hips. Even a habit as seemingly innocuous as sleeping on the same side too many nights in a row can leave us with uncomfortable hip pain.

The good news? You can reset, stretch, and soothe those tight, achy hips with these six hip opening videos from Well+Good's YouTube archive. Whether you need extra strength to stabilize your pelvis or a little bodywork to ease up any knots, we've got you covered.

15 Minute Pilates Stretch For Hips And Hamstrings

This low-key session from trainer Chloe de Winter of Go Chlo Pilates is great to warm up the body before a workout, or to ease any hip pain at the end of the day. De Winter starts with mobilizing hip circles to warm up and release tension, then moves into deep hip-flexor focused stretches, making it a particularly useful antidote to long hours of sitting.

15 Minute Core for Tight Hip Flexors

If your hip flexors are consistently barking, it's worth spending a little more time working on your core. Why? A strong core can help take pressure off your hips by supporting and stabilizing proper alignment through the torso and pelvis. This workout with Brian Spencer from East River Pilates focuses on body resistance to build the strength you need without aggravating tight hip flexors any further.

16 Minute 'Hip Hip Hooray' Flow for Happy Hips

This playful yoga flow from instructor Pilin Anice homes in on the small muscles that stabilize the hip joints. Anice kicks off with cat-cow to sync the flow of breath and movement, then adds hip circles while still on all fours. Each movement—from downward dog to squats and lunges—is designed to promote a better range of motion.

How To Do Pigeon Pose

Few stretches target the outer hips quite like a good pigeon pose. Brush up on your form to make sure you're hitting all the correct spots with this short video from the Well+Good series The Right Way. Tess Koenig of Yoga Vida breaks it down step by step, highlighting common mistakes to avoid. Spoiler: You’ll know you are doing the stretch correctly if you are feeling your hips opening, rather than a pull in your knee.

15 Minute Guided Foam Roller Workout for Self-Massage

Say goodbye to tension! Although stretching your hips is important, it's not always enough: Massaging the muscles that connect to your hips can help release tightness that could be causing aches and pains. This session, led by De Winter, uses targeted pressure from a foam roller to loosen up the quads, inner thighs, and back.

25 Minute Hip Opening Flow

Led by Paris Alexandra and Alicia Ferguson from BK Yoga Club, this soothing yoga session guides you on hip-focused poses that are gentle but effective. The combination of deep breathing and deep stretching allows your hips to open and relax. “We are breathing in energy into your hip and noticing how it might feel tight or sticky, and being in discovery of how,” Alexandra says. Get ready to feel soothed, stretched, and refreshed.

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