Get These Gorgeous Holiday Plants Delivered to Your Doorstep for Easy, Festive Decor

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There are many opinions on whether or not to decorate for the holidays before Thanksgiving, but if you're Team Festive in November, you're likely already shopping for this year's decor. In fact, maybe your place is already decked out, and we love that journey for you. While the most obvious decorations include twinkling lights, colorful garland, and cozy stockings, this year, we're opting for something a bit more subtle: holiday plants.

Turns out, our mantels aren't the only thing looking for a festive touch—our indoor gardens are, too. No, I'm not talking about wrapping string lights around your monstera or dripping tinsel off your precious fiddle-leaf fig (too risky). I'm talking about holiday plants that are holly and jolly in their own right. The ruby poinsettias and brilliant Christmas cactuses and, of course, the tabletop pine trees that can turn any indoor jungle into a gorgeous holiday-scape.

If you're ready to get merry and bright, you've come to the right place. Shop our favorite holiday plants below that'll add some merriment to your space.

Bloomscape, Tabletop Norfolk Pine — $69.00

Don’t have space for a full-blown Christmas tree? This tabletop tree will do the trick. These soft pine trees are actually native to the South Pacific, meaning with frequent misting and lots of humidity, they’ll last from season after season.

UrbanStems, The Ria — $50.00

Green and red are traditional holiday colors, sure, but what about green and magenta? This Christmas cactus swaps out traditional red petals for pink, adding cheer to any tablescape, without needing a ton of care or attention.

The Sill, Lemon Cyprus — $54.00

Add some festivity and some zest to your indoor jungle with this citrus-scented tree. Unlike traditional, earthy green plants, these are known for their bright chartreuse coloring, so they’ll brighten up any space while making it smell great, too.

The Sill, Evergreen Wreath — $55.00

While not technically a houseplant, this stunning wreath adds an instant dose of merry and bright to any room. It’s handcrafted with fresh Frasier fir, white pine, and juniper, so you can swap out your balsam-scented candles for the real thing.

Bloomscape, Pink Aglaonema Collection — $69.00

Kinda like the zygocactus, this collection trades in red for a non-traditional (but very joyous) pop of pink. Spread them out individually around your house to add color where you want it, or keep the collection together for a cheery trio.

Bloomscape, Red Fittonia Collection — $69.00

Move over, holly berries. These pretty plants add a pop of red to any indoor garden, thanks to the berry-colored veining on the inside of their leaves. Put some on your mantel mixed in with some greens, or give one as a gift to your favorite plant parent.

UrbanStems, The Poinsettia — $35.00

A holiday classic. These leafy crimson beauties are beloved for their festive flare and instantly elevate any sea of leafy greens you might have growing indoors. Whether its for yourself, a family member, or a friend, you can’t go wrong with a poinsettia.

Bloomscape, Norfolk Pine Tree — $199.00

Yep, you can even get your Christmas tree delivered, just in time for the big day. It’s the bigger version of the Tabletop Norfolk Pine, so it requires the same care, but is big enough for tinsel, ornaments, garland—all your favorite tree trimmings.

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