Los Angeles Is Full of Holistic Nutritionists—This List Will Help Find the Perfect One for You

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Get this: A Google search for holistic nutritionists in the Los Angeles area will bring you more than 400 results. And while it's great to live in a city with so many options, it can be flat-out daunting to weed through all the potential providers if you're looking to tune up your diet.

So what is a holistic nutritionist, anyway? Holistic nutrition experts dive deeply into a wide range of parts of their clients' lives when making recommendations—namely, the mental, emotional, spiritual, and environmental factors that influence one's relationship with food. (So they may, for instance, offer you stress management tips and adaptogen recommendations alongside your meal plan.) Some of them are licensed as nutritionists through a state board, while others are actually certified in health coaching, which requires a less scientifically-rigorous, more counseling-heavy course of study.

To take some of the leg work out of your search, I rounded up a group of holistic nutritionists and health coaches who consistently receive rave reviews from their clients. While not exhaustive, these healthy-eating pros all offer a personalized, 360-degree approach to diet—whether you're looking for a short-term detox or a long-term shift in your habits.

Read on to discover 9 of the best holistic nutrition providers in Los Angeles.

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East Meets West Holistic Center

At East Meets West, a team of experienced practitioners offer a wide range of services, including nutritional therapy. East Meets West’s nutrition experts specialize in chronic fatigue syndrome, gastrointestinal issues, hormonal imbalances, infertility, insomnia, and allergies. After an in-depth consultation and blood analysis (if needed), clients receive a personalized nutrition plan. The center offers four nutrition-based programs with varying levels of in-person support.

5820 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 100, Los Angeles, CA, 90036

Elissa Goodman

After being diagnosed with cancer at age 32—and losing her husband to the disease several years later—Goodman left her corporate career to become a certified holistic nutritionist. Today, she offers one-on-one nutrition counseling, as well as 5-day and 21-day cleanse programs that anyone can complete at home. (She's also created food-based cleanses and juices for top LA health-food destinations including M Cafe, Erewhon, and Earthbar.)

Visit elissagoodman.com to book an appointment.

Nicole Granato

While primarily specializing in hormonal imbalances and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), Granato also works with clients suffering from anxiety and stress, infertility, eating disorders, skin complications, PTSD and emotional trauma, addiction, and digestive conditions.  The holistic nutritionist and wellness coach develops completely customized plans to address the underlying causes of clients' health concerns and areas of nutrition that may need improvement.

Visit nicolegranato.com to book an appointment.

Samantha F. Grant

A certified nutritionist who specializes in hormonal balancing, metabolic support, and weight loss, Grant has accrued a client list of A-list celebrities, is a regular guest on The Doctors, and created the menu plan for Dr. Eva Cwynar's book, The Fatigue Solution: Increase Your Energy in Eight Easy Steps. Trained in homeopathic medicine and experienced in both Eastern and Western nutrition therapies, Grant’s services include advanced nutritional and hormonal testing, customized supplement regimens, allergy-free menus, and 14-day and 21-day detox programs.

13101 W. Washington Blvd., Ste. 114, Los Angeles, CA 90066


Specializing in the prevention and reversal of chronic diseases, Johnston earned a PhD in nutrition and has also studied traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, and western herbology. Dr. Johnston uses proven scientific diagnostic tools to assess your health needs and imbalances. Highlights of her service menu include individual and group health upgrades, cooking classes, pantry checks, grocery store tours, yoga, and meditation.

11857 Addison St., Los Angeles, CA, 91607


The go-to certified nutritionist for stars including Jessica Alba and Emmy Rossum, Kelly Leveque offers everything from one-off nutrition counseling services to concierge-style plans for VIP clients. Her areas of nutritional expertise include autoimmune disorders, hormone balancing, gut health, and emotional eating. While she isn't taking new clients until 2019, you can read up on her philosophies in her book, Body Love.

Visit bewellbykelly.com to book an appointment.

Parsley Health

Under its umbrella of integrative medicine practitioners, you’ll find functional nutritionists and health coaches that take a holistic approach to healing your body through food and lifestyle changes. This is a membership-based practice with additional locations in New York City and San Francisco. If you’re looking for comprehensive health care under one roof, this might be the fit for you.

12655 W. Jefferson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90066

Raw Fitness and Nutrition

Amanda Carneiro is a certified personal trainer, fitness nutritionist, and holistic health coach. Her practice offers a 4-week virtual group coaching program as well as 3- and 6-month packages with appointments conducted in-person or via FaceTime. The packages include an initial consultation and follow-up conversations every other week. Additional services include personal training, custom workout and/or meal plans, grocery store tours, and pantry clean-outs.

Visit rawfitnessandnutrition.com to book an appointment.

Jaime Saginor

Jaime Saginor is a board-certified holistic health coach who focuses on helping clients regain the trust and natural intuition of their bodies. She offers personalized programs that include a pair of hour-long sessions per month (in person or by phone or Skype), e-mail support in between, grocery store tours, food samples, and self-care products. In addition to her one-on-one programs, Saginor offers a 7-day sugar detox program.

Visit healthyjaime.com to book an appointment.

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