How to Set up a Stress-Free Home Office for Ultimate Productivity

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When you think of the word “office,” your brain probably doesn’t jump straight to Zen. After all, the workplace can be the spot where eye strain, caffeine crashes, and stress-filled deadlines are par for the course, right?  Wrong. As more and more employers are providing flexibility to work from wherever you choose (WFH, FTW), it's important to not associate your workday stress with the place that you call home.

Because let's face it: Jobs can present unique pressures that linger long past quitting-time. By introducing soul-centering elements to a space, however, you can actually turn your home office into a sanctuary to rival the places where you meditate and sleep.

Keep scrolling for words of wisdom on how to bring a blissed-out, super chill vibe to your home office.

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Create a dedicated workspace

You don’t need an entire room to create an inspiring workspace. An office can simply be a corner of your home, like this one designed by Sacha and Melissa Leclair, creative director and design director of Leclair Decor. The pair says that it’s essential to have a workspace that’s solely intended for career endeavors. “[A dedicated workspace] helps keep your work stuff from bleeding into areas of the home, but also trains your brain to be in the zone while you’re in this space, and to ‘turn off’ when you’re in other areas.”


Clear the clutter

Take a page from the minimalism handbook and deep-six the clutter in your office. May Bennison of The Minimal Stylist designed a clean, stress-free workspace for her home. She says, “Think about what is essential for you to do your work and discard the rest. It’s only clogging up your space, and therefore, your mind.”

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Display meaningful pieces

Mementos can transport us to happy moments or soothe our psyches. Kim and Christian Cannizzaro, co-owners of K|C Design Co., brought open shelving into their serene home office so they could display their favorite books, art, and decor. They advise to "include meaningful art and decor in your workspace. It can be anything from a piece of pottery to special artwork or a photo of loved ones that brings you joy and makes you smile.”

Surround yourself with plants

Just go ahead and try to be stressed when you’re surrounded by thriving, green plants. It’s almost impossible, right? That’s the idea behind Jellina Detmar’s lush home office. The Netherlands-based design blogger calls her workspace an “urban jungle,” adding that plants have the power to make an office “viable.” As a gymnast, she keeps rings at the ready for midday, stress-busting workouts, but you could just as easily incorporate, you know, a treaddesk.

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Invest in a comfortable chair

To banish tension, you may want to start with a comfy chair that encourages good posture, too. Monika Hibbs, founder and creative director of her lifestyle blog and brand, chose a soft chair in blue velvet for her office while also weaving in tranquil objects and colors. “A comfortable, stylish chair makes a strong statement when you walk into an office," she says. "Comfort is key.”


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