This $25 ‘Superfood’ Serum Made My Skin Plumper and Brighter in Just 5 Days, and I Have the Pictures To Prove It

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I’ll cut to the chase: Honest Beauty’s new Daily Green Juice Antioxidant Super Serum ($25) is a wallet-friendly, antioxidant-rich serum that claims to deliver “bouncier feeling skin” in less than a week. Five days, to be exact. Given the fact that you won’t catch me without a layer of antioxidant serum in broad daylight anyway, I was understandably intrigued by a formula that promised additional plumping benefits alongside its protective properties.

I decided to put the product to the test myself, but before I did, I reached out to a few skin-care pros to give me the down-low on the formula. Keep reading to find out why it deserves a place in your routine (and why it's definitely staying in mine).

The promise: 5 days to bouncy skin

The goal of this serum is threefold: to defend against free radical damage, to promote a bouncy and hydrated appearance, and to help skin look bright and even.

1. Protect: vitamins and antioxidants

The formula’s antioxidant-loaded ingredients include carrots, kale, and lemon extracts, as well as goji peptidoglycans, ergothioneine mushroom, green tea oil, and malachite extract. So basically, it’s like a superfood smoothie for your face.

“The vitamins and antioxidants included in this serum will help to improve the overall health quality and function of the skin, as well as neutralize free radicals and oxidative damage from environmental harms and sun damage to the skin,” confirms celebrity aesthetician Joshua Ross of SkinLab in Manhattan Beach, California.

2. Plump: hyaluronic acid

Along with the above ingredients, the serum contains two forms of hyaluronic acid, which is where its bouncy skin effect comes into play.

“Having different forms of hyaluronic acid generally means that the molecular weights and sizes will be different,” explains Hadley King, MD, a board-certified dermatologist. “The smaller forms will penetrate to a deeper level, so this means that you'll get hydration at different levels, which results in more hydration and plumping of the skin.”

3. Brighten: Niacinamide

Last but not least, Honest Beauty Daily Green Juice serum is loaded up with niacinamide. Known as vitamin B3, this vitamin is worth calling out individually because of its skin-improving prowess.

Ross says, “Niacinamide in skin care is used to help improve the overall appearance of skin, which can help with firming, brightness, and overall appearance of the skin.” And, since niacinamide is at the top of the ingredient list, he says you can expect to see more of its benefits.

What happened when I tried the Honest Beauty Daily Green Juice Serum for 5 days

The test

This all-star lineup of ingredients is clearly worth getting excited about, but before trying it I still felt like the promise might be too good to be true.

I asked Ross straight up whether the five-day bouncy skin claim was legit, or if I should temper my expectations. To that, he said, “A serum can absolutely improve skin in as little as five days, especially when it comes to things like hydration.” However, Ross notes that I shouldn’t expect radical changes, such as lifted skin or notable firmness in that short period of time and with a serum alone. But bouncy, hydrated, glowy skin? Totally doable.

So off to apply I went. For this experiment, I layered on the product every morning after washing my face while my skin was still damp. I usually use about two droppers' worth so I can extend it over my face and down my neck and chest.

The formula has a lightweight, serum-y feel that’s more water-based versus oil-slick, and it doesn’t have a scent. It sinks into my skin super quickly, and has a sort of light, almost matte finish versus a dewy one. This makes for a nice base for the rest of my products, which usually include a moisturizer, sunscreen, and BB cream.

The verdict

I am pretty good about sticking to my morning and evening skim-care regimens, so the only thing I changed about my routine during this experimental period was the serum. I don’t think the change was extreme or anything, but I do feel like I saw a difference in the overall brightness and plumpness of my skin. I even got a nice compliment from someone about how my skin looked great.

All that said, I definitely plan to continue using this inexpensive serum to the last drop and I’d happily go through another bottle after that! Especially since, in addition to the bouncy skin effect, the antioxidants protect my skin from free radicals every day which helps improve and protect my skin over the long term.

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