7 Signs You’re Definitely a Virgo

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As one of the most common zodiac signs, Virgos are everywhere. Chances are, if you're not a Virgo, you're in close proximity to at least a few at any given moment (Beyoncé and Blake Lively are some of the more famous ones).

If your birthday is between August 23 and September 22, you already know you possess some awesome traits. But if you're not a fellow worker bee under the sixth sign of the zodiac, improve your understanding of the Virgos in your life by checking out the list below.

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1. People call you a neat freak

You like to call it being organized, but others tend to be astounded by how orderly your life is. You know they secretly love it when you help them Marie Kondo their situations.


2. You tend to overthink things

Or be the resident worrywart (sometimes those can feel pretty much synonymous). The overthinking can sometimes lead to over-stressing. On the plus side, you're prepared for every possible scenario.


3. You're a firm believer in constructive criticism

The only way to get better is to know how to get better. You're a fan of being on both the giving and receiving ends of helpful feedback.


4. You have standards

Okay, fine—you're picky. But really, what's so bad about wanting the best for yourself and for the people around you?


5. People often come to you for advice

As a realist, you have a special knack for problem-solving, which probably explains that queue of advice-seekers snaked around your desk.


6. You have a competitive streak

A little healthy competition is a great way to push yourself to finally break that mile time plateau.


7. You're a boss

It isn't just a phrase, it's a state of mind. You're constantly helping yourself and the people around your realize their full potential and reach new goals. No matter what the situation is, you make it work!

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