You Can Turn Your Hot Girl Walks Into Money for Charity Right Now

Photo: Strava
We didn’t think it was possible for walking to get any better than it already is. How can you top a full-body workout that has brain, heart, and gut health benefits while also being easy on the joints and promoting longevity?

Well, by putting in those miles for the good of others, too. A new program on Strava is currently allowing you to raise money for gender justice in sports charities with your walking. Specifically, your "hot girl walking." For the uninitiated, hot girl walks are a TikTok trend in which you take walks while listening to music and think about how awesome and hot you are while also celebrating your accomplishments and thinking about your goals.

In honor of Women’s History Month, Strava’s Hot Girl Walk™ United challenge runs through the end of March. And hot girl walk creator Mia Lind is helping to lead the charge.

"I created the hot girl walk to encourage other women to get active in a way that helps their mental health—it's not just about walking,” Lind said in a press release. “The hot girl walk is about building self-confidence, mindfulness, and community. I'm excited for Strava's community to join the hot girl walk movement and support these important charities."

If you walk four miles (Lind's suggested hot girl walk length) and log it in Strava, you’ll earn $4 for Women Win initiatives GRLS, which promotes female leadership skills in sport, and the ONSIDE Fund, which supports grassroots female sports initiatives. Currently, women and girls are underrepresentedunderpaid, and under-researched in sports. Charities like these are helping to give equal access and opportunity to these marginalized groups, including all those who identify as women, girls, and non-binary. By pooling all of our four mile $4 walks together, Strava has committed to donating up to $250,000 to these charities, which is part of Strava’s larger three-year $1 million commitment to gender equity in sports called Strive for More.

In Strava, you can find suggested hot girl walk routes suggested by Lind all over the world. Or, of course, you can just head out the door and make your own route. Just sign up for the challenge and put your money where your feet are.

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