The 9 Pairs of Shorts and Leggings That Stood up to Our Hot Yoga ‘Sweat Test’

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Heated studio classes, be they hot power yoga (my exercise of choice) or something similar, are unique when it comes to the needed uniform. I’m constantly seeking out leggings that have a rise just high enough to stay up, but just low enough to allow for optimal movement; styles that are as tight as a second skin, yet feel supportive at the same time.

The prime requirement, though? Sweat-wicking power. Even when I think that I’ve found the next best thing, all too often I take them into a hot class and am disappointed by the way they handle the sweat that’s inevitably released from pores I didn’t even know existed. So, I put the newest crop of performance leggings through a personal sweat test. Below you'll find the best pairs of hot yoga pants that were able to take the heat.

Best Hot Yoga Leggings

Splits59 Airweight High Waist Short
Best Shorts: Splits59 Airweight High Waist Short — $68.00

While I personally gravitate toward ankle-length leggings, I respect the fact that, before entering a heated studio class, many among me would rather wear as little as possible. Allow me to introduce you to the only bottoms I’ve ever found that I can actually wear while working out and not feel as though they’re either cutting off the circulation in my thighs to loose enough to feel as though everyone in the room can see up my shorts. Splits59 might have just made me a shorts convert.

Alo Yoga 7/8 High-Waist Airlift Legging
Best Leggings: Alo Yoga 7/8 High-Waist Airlift Legging — $118.00

Teachers, friends, Instagram ‘it’ girls: everyone has been talking about the joys of this brand for years. And I’m not quite sure why it took me so long to listen. The beauty of these sweat-wicking leggings is in the waistband. The perfect rise allows them to suck you in and keep you comfy without rolling over, slipping down, or generally feeling like it moves at all.

Outdoor Voices Move Free 7/8 Legging — $82.00

These are my babies, to be sure. What I love about them is that they’re a little softer than the brand’s other offerings and really work some magic when it comes to keeping me dry in the hottest of hot yoga classes. What’s more, they still boast the same bright colors and color-block patterns of the rest of the brand’s selection, which is what first drew me to Outdoor Voices years ago.

Experts In This Article
  • Dani Schenone, Dani Schenone is a registered yoga instructor, certified personal trainer, and holistic wellness specialist at Mindbody.

Beyond Yoga Lux High Waisted 7/8 Yoga Leggings
Beyond Yoga Lux High Waisted 7/8 Yoga Leggings — $79.00

I loved how high-waisted these were without digging in at the top. They were lightweight and moisture-wicking as promised, without feeling too thin. The only note that might put a few other styles above this one is that they’re super slippery so, while it might help you get into that split you’ve been working on, it’s definitely going to take a ton more work to hold your tree pose.

beyond yoga
Beyond Yoga Spacedye Caught In The Midi High Waisted Legging — $97.00

Available in sizes XXS to XXL, Beyond Yoga’s Spacedye line is ideal for really sweaty situations, and these leggings in particular are the ones our senior commerce editor swears by for her hot yoga strength straining class. She may sweat buckets, but you’d never know by looking at her pants (or matching sports bra). Made of a buttery, breathable material, these leggings are also incredibly flattering and comfortable to wear all day long—no matter what you’re doing or how hot (or cold) it is.

Girlfriend Collective Iris FLOAT Ultralight Legging
Girlfriend Collective Iris FLOAT Ultralight Legging — $78.00

“The best hot yoga leggings are, hands down, Girlfriend Collective,” says Dani Schenone, RYT, ACSM-CPT and holistic wellness specialist at Mindbody. They’re sustainable (made of out recycled water bottles), budget-friendly, and size-inclusive (go from XS-6XL). “I detest paying top dollar for activewear that is just going to get super stinky in a hot yoga room.”

Nike Yoga Dri-FIT Luxe
Nike Yoga Dri-FIT Luxe Leggings — $90.00

These Nike leggings have Dri-FIT technology to help wick sweat away to keep your legs cool, pose after pose. There are also minimal seam lines and a lightweight stretchy material for easy comfort.

Workout Ready Mesh Leggings
Reebok Workout Ready Mesh Tight — $50.00

These Reebok leggings provide some extra ventilation (for your legs) in the hot studio. They’re made with sweat-wicking fabric, and have mesh inserts on the legs and a mesh waistband to provide breathability throughout your lower body.

90 Degree by Reflex Squat Proof Interlink Legging
90 Degree by Reflex Squat Proof Interlink Legging — $27.00

These leggings have accumulated more than 5,000 reviews on Amazon and still managed to remain at a solid 4.5 stars, so I had to try them out. Let me tell you, they are sleek, moisture-wicking, and perfect for the sweatiest of workouts. Honestly, the price point ($27!) might have been the initial draw for many, but it’s simply an added bonus—they work just as well as performance tights I’ve paid much more for.

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