13 of the Best Monthly Workout Streaming Subscriptions That Cost Less Than $40

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Thanks to the brave new world of on-demand sweat sessions, playing hooky from your IRL workout class is no biggie. And hallelujah for that, since the idea of leaving your breezy, air-conditioned home to hit a studio workout class in the mid-heat-wave isn't always appealing.

Even if your living room doesn't yet boast a Peloton bike or treadmill, you can still raise your heart rate in the (digital) company of buzzy fitness instructors across all genres of workouts: HIIT, yoga, spin, you name it. Kind of makes you want to make your workout queue as long as your Netflix one, right?

Keep reading for 13 of the latest on-demand fitness classes you can do right from home.

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1. Body Love with Anna Victoria, $17 per month

If you, like me, stare at the dumbbells in the gym with complete and utter incredulity, consider Anna Victoria's Body Love app your no-judgment training hero. Each workout is 30-40 minutes in length, and combines HIIT strength and circuit training for a quick hit of sweat that fits into any busy girl's itinerary. Oh, and you can also find delish, "macro balanced" recipes on this digital destination, too—so that's a plus.

2. CorePower Yoga On Demand, $20 per month

One of the nation's hottest yoga studios (literally, their classes are heated) recently dropped an online platform where you can go to fulfill all your vinyasa needs. Since CorePower is known for combining their free-flowing classes with weights, grabbing a pair of dumbbells before rolling out your mat will offer you that 360 experience. But if you don't have a set handy, two water bottles or no weight at all will also do the trick.

3. mF Online, $20 per month

The likes of Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift have visited modelFIT's New York City location (it has a second spot in Los Angeles) for functional, small muscle-targeting workouts designed by founder Vanessa Packer and head trainer Javi Perez. The at-home editions of the studio's offerings allow you to tone at home and are mostly equipment free. But heads up—some of these 5–20 minute sessions require resistance bands, small hand and ankle weights, and a Pilates ring.

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4. Circuit of Change, $25 per month

With classes ranging from 5-60 minutes, and varieties of workouts that span from tribal yoga flows to martial arts, there's something for everyone on this app—no matter your flavor of fitness. Circuit of Change even offers their signature New York City studio class, MindBody Bootcamp, a sweaty fusion of yoga, martial arts, kickboxing, tribal sequencing, and HIIT.

5. DanceBody@Home Online, $35 per month

Prefer to bust a move in private? No problem. DanceBody@Home now offers its five, super-fun signature classes online. They'll bring the jams; all you need is your body. But to really get the whole studio-at-home vibe, maybe invest in founder Katia Pryce's genius (read: not gross and sweaty) wrist weights—AKA Dance Bands—and Hex Mat.

6. Peloton Digital, $19 per month 

Peloton studios, the cycle and treadmill supernova with IRL locations in the Big Apple, recently released their very own fitness app that allows you to spin, sprint, or strength train under the guidance of incredible instructors—without forking over the cha-ching necessary to invest in the company's next-level equipment. Along with pre-recorded classes, the buzzy's brand's digital iteration also allows you to join in remotely with 20 live studio classes per day. So there's really no need to sweat solo.

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7. 108 Yoga, $14 per month

If you can't sneak away to Aruba (*sigh*) to visit Rachel Brathen's Island Yoga Studio, you can still practice with @yoga_girl and a plethora of other expert teachers online. The platform offers thousands of classes on-demand, so variety won't be an issue here. As an extra win, your subscription comes along with access to guided meditations and healthy cooking classes. Make sure you have your mat and your yoga blocks at the ready.

8. Physique 57, $30 per month

Bring the burn of barre class home with these no-equipment, body-sculpting workout videos. Physique57's streaming service lets you DIY your workout with short exercises that can be combined into playlists. No doubt, they'll be killer.

9. Alo Moves, $20 per month

Alo Yoga, who basically specializes in churning out the *most* 'grammable workout sets out there, recently claimed their digital square footage with Alo Moves—an app featuring sought-after instructors like Kino MacGregor, Aubry Marie, and Talia Sutra. Apart from schooling you on handstands and proper plank alignment, the app also offers dance cardio, core-targeting classes, and more for days when you feel like switching up your asana practice.

10. MNDFL Video, $15 per month

If it's a workout for your mind you seek, look no farther than the online iteration of New York's MNDFL meditation studio. Videos range from 1–30 minutes and feature themes like breath, heart, and even emotions (you know—for days when you have *all* the feelings).

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11. FLY Anywhere, $39 per month

Okay, there's definitely an upfront cost associated with this at-home workout. But once you've invested the $1,699 price of the bike (plus the $400 tablet...and don't forget the spinning shoes), your Flywheel monthly membership is about the price of one boutique fitness studio ride. So not too shabby. And hey, you'll have access to expert instructors 24/7.

12. Andrea Speir TV, free

Celeb pilates trainer Andrea Speir brings her much-beloved Santa Monica studio workouts to the screen with her YouTube channel. Taught by the studios top instructors, most of Speir's streamable classes are on the shorter side (about 10 minutes long), so you can stack legs, core, and arm circuits together for a full-length workout—or just enjoy them a la carte.

13. Yogaia, $20 per month

If you self-identify as a flow junkie, you've likely already chaturangad on a Manduka mat: They're the in-house fave of boutique studios across America. And now, the brand won't only be providing the square footage you need to practice on, they're also giving you the moves to do as well. Slip on a set of their athleticwear, and you're basically a sponsored yogi.

14. Naturally Sassy, $13 per month

For all those wannabe ballerinas out there (present!), this subscription will have you plié-ing our way to Nutcracker status. These 10-20 minute, body weight only workouts can be stacked up together for a full-on dance routine. Now all you need is a silk hair scrunchie to finish off your top-knot... and maybe a tutu.

Originally posted January 17, 2018; updated August 8, 2018. 

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