Add These 2 Herbs to Your Coffee To Fight Brain Fog and Stay Focused

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Here's how to make mushroom coffee that's delicious and gives your brain a boost.

The pandemic has taken many things from us this year, but there's one daily joy it has yet to steal: coffee. When people tell me they're trying to quit coffee, I always wonder, "But, why?" Sure, it's not ideal that I can't start my day without a cup or two of joe, but at least coffee comes with lots of health benefits (in moderation)—especially if you blend it the way holistic health coach, herbalist, and Supernatural founder Rachelle Robinett demonstrates in the latest episode of Well+Good's YouTube show Plant Based. 

"Coffee is a psychoactive plant—it's like the herbs that we use in tea or take in supplements and vitamins to enhance our [desired] state," says Robinett. "We know that [coffee] makes us feel more awake, but it's actually changing the way that our brain functions and it does, as advertised, improve memory and recall, and it's a mood booster for a lot of people." Essentially, in other words, coffee is a natural nootropic, a cognitive-performance-enhancing powerhouse that can make you a brighter bulb both in terms of brainpower and disposition.

That isn't to say it can't be made even more powerful, though; after all, modern wellness is sorta big on making every single thing that enters our bodies as nutrient-dense and/or active as possible. And Robinett does just that to a regular cup of coffee by blending it with, among other powerhouse ingredients, a blend of 11 medicinal mushrooms. These are meant to further enhance the brain-boosting benefits of your morning latté, as functional mushrooms such as reishi and lion's mane help combat brain fog, increase focus, and even serve as preventative aids against cognitive disease. Adaptogenic mushrooms also help to boost immunity and improve gut health, which certainly can't hurt in setting your body up for optimal health on any given day. (No wonder we're predicting that functional, adaptogenic mushrooms will go mainstream in 2021.)

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To find out what else Robinett adds, in addition to mushrooms, to supercharge her cups of coffee, watch the full video. Hint: One ingredient, in particular, will definitely help take the edge off your early morning inbox!

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